Guide to London | London Coffee Festival 2017

If you know me, you know I go through at least three cups of coffee a day (today’s count is at four because I haven’t been sleeping very well). London is surprisingly also very coffee-centred, with the major chains offering loads of different options, but also with a bunch of small, independent shops and Instagram accounts dedicated to cafes of the city cropping up all the time. I guess you sort of assume that London would be all about the tea, and while it is very much present, coffee culture is strong and continuously growing. This is especially prevalent in east London, so it makes sense that the festival took place off of Brick Lane in the Old Truman Brewery warehouse. This is also means that things were reeeeal trendy. And hot. Omg it was so hot in there. Please introduce central cooling – it’s 2017.

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New In | Bailey Nelson Harrisons

Admittedly, I’m still a total newb when it comes to glasses and the world of imperfect vision. I was 18 when it dawned on me that I wasn’t seeing things quite clearly anymore and a visit to the eye doctor told me that I had astigmatism and that my 20/20 vision was gone, along with my youth (bit dramatic, but true). In the six years since, I’ve sported a few different specs, all of which fall under the dark, horn-rimmed frame umbrella. While I loved my Ray-Ban 5298s with their slight cat-eye shape, it was time for a different shape, new frame colour, and some larger lenses. Enter: Bailey Nelson, an Aussie-based brand I’ve been obsessing over for the past year.


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Review | Tom Ford Lips & Boys in Cristiano

Listen Linda, I don’t play around when it comes to lip products, so when I discover the perfect lipstick and forget it in America, I don’t even mind spending £29 on another because now I just have a backup for when I inevitably use it up in a few months. As an avid YouTube watcher, the Tom Ford Lips & Boys advert for the latest collection played dozens of times before my actual videos from November-December and I was instantly obsessed. I mean, I never once clicked that skip button. The best word to describe the ads is cheeky and I honestly could not get enough. After talking about the ads for weeks with my cousin Cristina, she surprised me with a lipstick for Christmas! Literally too kind because these lipsticks are $36/£29 and are the same size as SAMPLE lipsticks you get FOR FREE from Sephora all the time. Okay, they might be a little bit bigger, but there isn’t much more product to justify that absurd price tag. What allows Tom Ford to get away with this injustice is the actual perfection of the lipstick’s formula. Okay, and the packaging. And the shade range.


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Guide to London | Thomas’s Afternoon Tea at Burberry Flagship


Last month I had to write a case study on an integrated marketing campaign and I chose Burberry because I’m obsessed. I had so much fun writing that paper and doing research that I actually went over the assigned 1500 words by another 1200 – oops. I think that’s the most revealing anecdote when it comes to my love of the inherently British brand, so when friends come from across the pond, I like to impress (and satisfy my inner fan girl) by proposing a quick spot of tea at the Regent Street flagship store. I’ve been a few other times, telling myself I’ll just get tea and winding up with some morsels because why not? This time, I met my friend from back home and when we were presented with the afternoon tea menu, we agreed to share as neither of us was feeling particularly hungry (afternoon tea is v filling). I’ve done afternoon tea at Brown’s Hotel, the Savoy, Sketch, the Cellarium at Westminster and the Sanderson, but Burberry has to be the best, especially for the price.

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