The Post-Accutane skincare routine

It’s been about five months since I ended my Accutane treatment (I stopped with a few months to go because I moved to the UK for school) and despite the rude friends that popped up this week, my skin has remained surprisingly clear! I’ve changed a few things in my skincare routine since my last post because back then, I was dealing with dry, peeling skin that really needed careful attention and buckets of moisture. Now, I’m working with SUPER oily skin that I’m worried could break out at any moment (old fears die hard). Despite the addition and subtraction of certain products, the biggest change I’ve made is in how I perceive my skin and its imperfections. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true; I no longer freak out at the sight of a pimple, nor do I attack it with every blemish-fighting product in my arsenal. I want to preserve my clear and youthful skin because I really appreciate it and how far we’ve come (Accutane wasn’t super intense for me, but it definitely was a journey). That being said, I have realised that the more you mess with acne, the longer it lingers in the form of a scar, a red mark, a crater or even just staying on your face longer, which is why I have a streamlined and effective skincare routine in place these days.

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Easter Vigil at Westminster Abbey

Beautiful cathedrals, churches and abbeys are always at the top of my architectural sight-seeing lists when in new cities and as amazing as they are on the outside, I’m always curious to see the inside. Most places charge an entrance fee and Westminster is one of them, so even though I’ve been here over a year now, yesterday was my first time setting foot inside the hallowed space because a public service usually means you can enter (and partake) for free!




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Sun’s out, Brits out

Maybe it’s because I hail from the desert and bask in the glory of a gloomy rainy day, maybe it’s the lack of green space in said desert, or maybe it’s a totally different cultural experience, but it’s so interesting to me to see that the slightest ray of sunshine and jacket-optional weather brings every Brit in sight out to the parks.


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Guide to London | London Coffee Festival 2017

If you know me, you know I go through at least three cups of coffee a day (today’s count is at four because I haven’t been sleeping very well). London is surprisingly also very coffee-centred, with the major chains offering loads of different options, but also with a bunch of small, independent shops and Instagram accounts dedicated to cafes of the city cropping up all the time. I guess you sort of assume that London would be all about the tea, and while it is very much present, coffee culture is strong and continuously growing. This is especially prevalent in east London, so it makes sense that the festival took place off of Brick Lane in the Old Truman Brewery warehouse. This is also means that things were reeeeal trendy. And hot. Omg it was so hot in there. Please introduce central cooling – it’s 2017.

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