The Post-Accutane skincare routine

It’s been about five months since I ended my Accutane treatment (I stopped with a few months to go because I moved to the UK for school) and despite the rude friends that popped up this week, my skin has remained surprisingly clear! I’ve changed a few things in my skincare routine since my last post because back then, I was dealing with dry, peeling skin that really needed careful attention and buckets of moisture. Now, I’m working with SUPER oily skin that I’m worried could break out at any moment (old fears die hard). Despite the addition and subtraction of certain products, the biggest change I’ve made is in how I perceive my skin and its imperfections. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true; I no longer freak out at the sight of a pimple, nor do I attack it with every blemish-fighting product in my arsenal. I want to preserve my clear and youthful skin because I really appreciate it and how far we’ve come (Accutane wasn’t super intense for me, but it definitely was a journey). That being said, I have realised that the more you mess with acne, the longer it lingers in the form of a scar, a red mark, a crater or even just staying on your face longer, which is why I have a streamlined and effective skincare routine in place these days.

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2016 Beauty Faves

I know it’s already February and Punxsutawney Phil (ps that was really hard to spell) already sentenced us to six more weeks of winter, but I’ve done a yearly favourites post every year of the blog’s life, so I didn’t want to skip 2016. .This year was quite a strange one for me when it comes to makeup as I feel my need to buy every single hyped up product has massively waned. I also dealt with Accutane most of the year, which changed my skin dramatically and altered both my skincare and makeup needs and preferences as a result. I also feel that my wise old age of 24 and being a master’s student with student loans up the wazoo and job that only lets me work 10 hours/week at minimum wage miiiiight have contributed to less spending and more redisovering when it came to my beauty collection this year. This post is different in that I’ve added things I’ve liked along with my faves because if I’m honest, there weren’t too many proper faves, rather a lot of things I used until they ran out and I could try something new.  Continue reading

Review | Origins Super Spot Remover

Small bottle, huge impact.

I’m just going to go out and say that my skin has been having a rough time lately. A lot of factors have contributed to this: seasonal change, hormones and primarily the fact that I’m working 30 hours a week during the most stressful semester of my academic life thusfar. My skin is doing this weird thing where I keep getting spots in the same places and rather than apply something to my entire face and risk ruining the nice skin I do have, I thought using an acne spot treatment over the affected areas would be a good idea and my skin is thanking me for it.

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