About Me

img_2259Hiya! This little corner of the Internet began before my first study abroad semester in 2013 when I was really into spending lots of money on drugstore dupes for high end beauty products and reviewing them. I wanted to be honest and thorough because as someone who loves to research before I buy, I wasn’t seeing a lot of detail in reviews of products I was interested in. Over the years, my focus has shifted slightly and I enjoy writing more lifestyle and travel-based posts as a means of chronicling my life. I’ve always kept a journal and am an avid Tweeter (I tend to overshare things in increments of 140 characters or less), so a blog seemed like the natural next step. I want to keep things fun and relatively informal while remaining genuine and providing as much info as possible for anyone looking to travel to Barcelona or splurge on an afternoon tea. Plus, I like that this blog can serve as a visual diary and allow me to get some words out into the world. I have a bachelor’s in English lit, but now that it’s over I need another channel to exert my writer’s stress. I’m currently working on my dissertation for my PR and advertising MA in London and this is my third time studying in the city, so obsessed might be a bit of an understatement. – Sabrina