Interesting Influencers | Lizzy Hadfield

I’m so sick of 98% of my wardrobe at the moment, which happens every year when the weather gets warmer since I literally have no idea how to dress without the aid of jumpers and scarves. My idea of cute clothing does not involve showing skin, which is why I prefer autumn/winter, and I much prefer neutrals to colour. Cue my latest influencer obsession: Lizzy Hadfield, a girl from Manchester with a penchant for denim and the ability to effortlessly mix high street and high end.

I discovered Lizzy on YouTube by watching one of her What I Wore This Month videos and I looked at my wardrobe with fresh eyes. My favourite thing about Lizzy’s channel is her laid-back filming style and the best basics series, where she puts five pieces to the test over the course of a couple of weeks. The items range in price from super affordable to fairly pricey, but she shares her initial impressions, thoughts on how they wear throughout the day, and what happens to them after a wash where applicable. This way, you’re getting a fairly thorough and seemingly honest review of each piece.

Lizzy also has a blog called Shot From the Street, and while much of it is mirrored by her YouTube channel, there are also several blog-specific entries.

Finally, Lizzy’s Instagram is a dreamy lookbook full of inspiration. I will say that her Insta snaps are a lot more editorial and the looks themselves are far bolder than what I’ve seen on her YouTube channel, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

I’ve been bingeing Lizzy’s videos for a couple of weeks now, after a slow introductory period where I watched two of her videos last month and felt a bit lukewarm towards them. They were older videos, and I was watching them in the background, but once I clicked on best basics videos, I hit the subscribe button. Lizzy’s love of stiff denim, stripes, black All Saints ankle boots and simple outfits are what really draw me in when it comes to her style. I think that anyone who pulls of jeans and T-shirt in a fashionable way is worthy of all the follows, but I also appreciate some subtle special coat details.


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