Interesting Influencer | Violette_fr

If you scrolled through my YouTube or web browser history  from the past couple of months, you would notice that French beauty is my latest obsession. Of course I’ve admired the casual chicness since my early teens, but I finally feel like I can participate in French style (it’s not so scary and unapproachable). I searched “French makeup tutorial” in YouTube and immediately fell into a matte red abyss of professional makeup artist Violette’s videos, watching one right after another, which isn’t difficult considering how short each video is. The length is perfect for the content because in true French beauty form, less is more and Violette manages to throw together an entire tutorial as effortlessly as the look itself.

Her Top Shelf basically summarises all the reasons that led me to love her approach to makeup, with that effortless French girl vibe reigning supreme. I also think my Accutane treatment really helped me realise how important it is to let my natural skin shine as much as possible, but I think getting older and generally caring less about the opinions of others and more about how good I feel in my own skin have also played a role in shaping my new approach to beauty. I love a fresh face, lashes and a bold lip and coincidentally, that’s all very French (my striped shirt collection does the rest of the work for me).IMG_0499.PNG

My favourite thing about Violette is that she has an educational background in art history, which I think is absolutely perfect for a makeup artist. In many of her interviews that I’ve watched, she talks about the lighting and colour of renaissance painting and how that can be translated to looks and makeup that really works well and makes sense. It’s utterly brilliant and there’s nothing I love more than someone who can speak well about beauty or fashion and support that with theoretical and academic knowledge because it just brings so much more to the table.

Not only does Violette provide quick, easy tutorials of looks on herself, but she brings in other professionals and models, as well as offering behind-the-scenes insight to provide viewers with a comprehensive channel. Also, it has to be said that the filming and editing are beautiful (she has others handle those bits of the channel) and it’s extremely refreshing to these makeup tutorials executed more like daily vlogs than a proper sit-down approach. Although I’m loving my shorter hair, there isn’t a Violette tutorial that doesn’t make me itch for a Birkin-inspired hairstyle.


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