The Visual Diary No. 1


Residential street lined with cherry blossoms in Chelsea

A huge part of my experience abroad is that I’m constantly snapping everything. And my friends probs hate me for abruptly stopping to post the billionth picture of a cherry blossom to my Instagram story, but such is life (it’s okay, they do it too). Times are so different from when I first studied abroad four years ago, where Snapchat was barely gaining traction, it was semi-socially acceptable to post multiple photos to your Instagram feed in one day (also remember collages???), and Facebook still reigned supreme. I mean, I was literally uploading between 700 and 1000 photos to FB every week, always under a new album! Crazy! While I really can’t stand using FB these days, I miss how much of my life was documented and uploaded by my friends onto a platform that I still have access to so that I can fondly reminisce on my early times abroad. In that spirit, I thought it would be a good idea to put a bunch of photos in a post that don’t have a specific blog attached to them, but that I took the effort to take and maybe they’ve lived on the Internet somewhere for 24 hours. Enjoy!


Sunset during an impromptu walk in Hyde Park inspired by Austen heroines


Sunday spent strolling through Regents Park

Another sunset stroll with my oldest friend Ali at the Italian Gardens in Hyde Park

The quirky pastels of Notting Hill post-brunch


Chelsea mews

Another Chelsea mew (street?)


Early spring in Kensington Gardens


A daffodil garden lit up in Pater Noster Square by St. Paul’s Cathedral to raise money and awareness for the Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal


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