Review | Tom Ford Lips & Boys in Cristiano

Listen Linda, I don’t play around when it comes to lip products, so when I discover the perfect lipstick and forget it in America, I don’t even mind spending £29 on another because now I just have a backup for when I inevitably use it up in a few months. As an avid YouTube watcher, the Tom Ford Lips & Boys advert for the latest collection played dozens of times before my actual videos from November-December and I was instantly obsessed. I mean, I never once clicked that skip button. The best word to describe the ads is cheeky and I honestly could not get enough. After talking about the ads for weeks with my cousin Cristina, she surprised me with a lipstick for Christmas! Literally too kind because these lipsticks are $36/£29 and are the same size as SAMPLE lipsticks you get FOR FREE from Sephora all the time. Okay, they might be a little bit bigger, but there isn’t much more product to justify that absurd price tag. What allows Tom Ford to get away with this injustice is the actual perfection of the lipstick’s formula. Okay, and the packaging. And the shade range.


I am a lipstick hoarder, so the fact that I would wear any one lip product more than two days in a row says a lot about my love for it. I wore Cristiano for a week straight when it first landed in my hands, and I wore it five days this past week. Cristiano itself is such a versatile shade because as a red-orange, it can hold its own as a pop of colour and pair well with a minimal base and eye, but it can also further enhance something like my go-to grungey orange eye look.

I can’t speak for every lipstick in the Lips & Boys range, but Cristiano specifically is the best lipstick in my entire arsenal in every single way. The colour is opaque and rich, highly pigmented, but can definitely apply lightly if patted into the lips with a finger. It applies easily despite being a true matte and because it’s so matte, it DOES NOT BUDGE. Really. My friends and I spontaneously went to Pizza Express one night and may have gone a bit overboard with the garlic-infused olive oil; we put it on every thing in sight and when I panicked and checked my lipstick, my friend told me it was completely perfect. I had already been wearing the lipstick for six hours, so I was beyond impressed.

Since then, I’ve put this lipstick through all sorts of tests and it never ceases to amaze me. As a matte lipstick, it does feel a bit drying, but nothing compared to what 90% of my liquid lipstick collection does, so I would say it’s comfortable. Plus, you can layer it over a lip balm to retain moisture while still getting longevity. There have been times where I swipe my hand across my mouth and find lipstick on it, but it never gets all over my face or on my clothing, which is v important in terms of transfer. This colour is beautiful and super flattering; I feel very French girl chic when wearing it and enjoy wearing it with mascara and blush a lá Emma Watson because it does all the talking. I am so happy to own this lipstick and when I feel a bit meh, this is the instant solution to giving me a boost and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Tom Ford is definitely a luxurious purchase, but the packaging and quality speak for themselves. Seriously. I mean, I popped over to Harvey Nicks and bought myself a lipstick I already own even though it was £29. If that isn’t love, idk what is.



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