New In | Otiumberg hoop earrings

I have been on a quest to build a jewellery collection I can be proud of, which is great for me and not so fun for my wallet. My last jewellery post on the Missoma Nova Ring touched on my experience with Otiumberg, a company my friend introduced me to when I mentioned my need for new hoop earrings. I was hooked from my first visit to the site and had a shopping cart full of earrings and rings before I came to my senses and decided I didn’t need to splurge that much. I’ve been on the lookout for some dainty gold hoops with a bit of flair to them and I think half of my order got it right.


The first pair I chose were the Encrusted Zircons and I was a bit iffy about them from the beginning. When they arrived, I was surprised by how much bigger they were IRL. They’re also a bit too gold, which really stands out when I have a lot of silver hoops going down my left ear. Now, I’m all for mixing metals, but this gold kind of looks like too much of a statement because there are two bands of gold surrounding a band of diamonds, so they’re more suited for going out and wearing on their own rather than pairing with 15 other pieces of ear jewellery. They also feel super heavy and took quite a bit of effor to remove, especially because I was afraid to further aggravate my poor ear lobes (I haven’t worn earrings in my first two piercings in a few months, so they’re not exactly cooperating).

The second pair of Tiny Spike Gold Hoops (may be sold out now) were just what I was looking for from the beginning because they’re simple and thin, but have a nice edge to them with the spike hanging off the bottom. These were exactly the size I pictured and have fit in really nicely with the rest of my collection, so I’m thinking I’ll either go with a pair of simple, thin Gold Wire Hoops for the second piercing, or one hoop and one Crescent Stud for a bit of a mixed look. The only negative about the spike hoops is that they were such a pain to put on, even after enlisting the help of my friend. They’re closed by a hinge, so it’s a bit of a struggle to align the two ends when you throw your ear lobe and fingers into the mix, but once they’re in, they’re sturdy (they’ve survived a full night’s sleep, a 5k run, shower, and a nap so far).

I can’t speak of the quality yet as I haven’t worn them but for a couple of days, but they certainly look and feel nice so far and for £60, they better last quite a while. I think I’m going to return the Encrusted Zircon hoops as they really aren’t what I was looking for, but I will most likely place an order for the other two earrings on Otiumberg anyway. I’m loving that I’ve discovered so many good online jewellery shops lately, but I do wish they all had more discounts to help me not feel so guilty about having this new addiction.


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