New In | Nova Ring from Missoma London

Self-proclaimed lover of stacking rings, I decided to treat myself with a new piece for my collection, but wasn’t entirely sure of what I wanted. I did know something thin, gold, durable and unique was right up my alley and after hours of searching a slew of online shops, I discovered Missoma and fell in love.


I own a ton of stacking rings, but they’re all from high street shops like H&M or Urban Outfitters and either turn my fingers green or lose their plating within a couple of wears. As someone who wears rings every single day, I need ones that will endure and continue to sparkle for years. My everyday collection is a mixture of real gold and sterling silver, with some market finds, a Kate Spade NY piece and an evil eye chain ring from Mejuri, one of the first sites I checked and then exited out of when I saw the prices (I paid $28 for my ring because I received a coupon for $20 off by signing into the website, putting the ring in my basket, not purchasing and then waiting two weeks to find the coupon in my email. It’s all in this blog post). My method of searching for new shops was to go onto Mejuri’s Instagram and click the down arrow near the follow button, providing me with a long list of options of new jewellers to choose from. I visited account after account, but the only standouts in my price range and with styles I liked were Otiumberg and Missoma (spoiler alert: I placed an order for tiny hoop earrings on Otiumberg).


Once on the Missoma website, I signed up for the newsletter to receive 10% off and then browsed the selection, knowing I could always cancel the newsletter if I didn’t find anything I liked, or once I had placed my order with the offer. I immediately fell in love with the Nova Ring because it looks like a glimmering shooting star and would pair perfectly with my current collection, but mostly because I love stars. I paid £49 and some change for the ring when it was originally £55 and received it the next day! The ring arrived in a beautiful box with a few bits and bobs from Missoma; it wasn’t my fave packaging, but that’s okay. The ring itself was much thinner and the star larger than I had anticipated for some reason, but it didn’t bother me because it’s balanced overall. It was also much more sparkly and beautiful, so I’m really happy with the purchase. I am choosing to sport it on my middle finger with my Kate Spade Forever Mine Initial Ring for the moment, but I tend to mix things up every so often. I don’t know about its quality in terms of keeping the gold and generally lasting long because I’ve only had it a few days, but I haven’t had any green fingers so far and that’s always good news in my book!


I like the general prices of the Missoma rings and if the gold and little stones stay put for a few years, the prices are totally justifiable. I just noticed that one of the tiny ‘diamonds’ on my Kate Spade initial ring is missing, and the gold plating is wearing off on the half that’s inside my palm, but I’ve had it about 10 months and wear it every single day. Plus, I go a little crazy with the hand washing, so it’s probs more my fault than anything. Anyway, I really like the Missoma selection and am looking into purchasing the Eclipse Ring next because it’s the same thing, but a moon instead of the star AND CAN YOU JUST PICTURE THEM STACKED TOGETHER. Ugh, discovering these new jewellery sites is dangerous, but I’m at a point in my life where I pay for things and expect good quality. I’ve steadily been wearing rings and growing my collection for eight years now, so the things I buy are an investment (not like, Tiffany, but still) and if I have to shell out a few extra pounds for a statement piece that makes me happy, it’s totally worth it.


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