2016 Beauty Faves

I know it’s already February and Punxsutawney Phil (ps that was really hard to spell) already sentenced us to six more weeks of winter, but I’ve done a yearly favourites post every year of the blog’s life, so I didn’t want to skip 2016. .This year was quite a strange one for me when it comes to makeup as I feel my need to buy every single hyped up product has massively waned. I also dealt with Accutane most of the year, which changed my skin dramatically and altered both my skincare and makeup needs and preferences as a result. I also feel that my wise old age of 24 and being a master’s student with student loans up the wazoo and job that only lets me work 10 hours/week at minimum wage miiiiight have contributed to less spending and more redisovering when it came to my beauty collection this year. This post is different in that I’ve added things I’ve liked along with my faves because if I’m honest, there weren’t too many proper faves, rather a lot of things I used until they ran out and I could try something new. 


I didn’t wear much foundation this year, but I did repurchase the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation because it has nice coverage, can be sheered out or built up and looks quite natural on the skin. I also repurchased what I think is my second or third Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream, which I used most days. It’s extremely light but the CC factor means that it helps to eliminate discoloration and redness in the skin. Since my skin was SUPER dry most of the year, I sort of stayed away from bases in general and just dotted my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer along the areas that needed it most. This was my favorite thing to do because it meant less product was on my face and since my skin has been pretty tame during and after Accutane treatment, it was nice to let all the goodness shine through. Any product I applied instantly looked cakey because of how dry the treatment made my skin so this year, the less product, the better. I also really enjoyed using the Sephora Bright Future Color Corrector in Peach under my eyes because it’s light and buildable, creamy and provides good coverage for my dark circles. As far as primers go, I have just been using a bunch of samples and trying to use them all up. I really enjoyed the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer because it’s super hydrating and lightweight, as well as the Becca Backlight Priming Filter because it just instantly gives you a lit from within glow and makes your face look beautiful and youthful.


I used my Tanya Burr Peachy Glow Cheek Palette a lot this year because it was so easy to just have everything in one place and while I do enjoy the bronzer and highlight, the peach blush is what I love most. It’s so natural and pretty and I find that peach blushes work best with my skintone. I did also repurpose the bronzer, blush and highlight into eyeshadows quite a bit during the warmer months. I reached for bronzers a lot more this year because I’ve been going for nude/brown lips and warm eyes, so I opted for a bronzer in lieu of blush each time I went for that look. This meant I used quite a bit of my Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion Bronzer compact and while the design has faded a bit, it still looks like I have quite a bit of product. This one is so good for lighter complexions and peope who are generally terrified of bronzer/contour because it applies lightly and you basically can’t go overboard. It still does the job, but you would need to be extremely heavy handed to do any real damage. I was really into highlight this year and splurged on the Anastasia Glow Kit in Gleam which is a beaut but not exactly the most practical for me because it is quite bold. I reached for the Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Highlight most days and must say that the natural sheen it gives makes it my favorite glow getter this year.


I’m quite shocked that a palette from Lorac or Urban Decay didn’t come out on top this year (but I have a feeling 2017 will be the year of the UD Ultimate Naked Basics), especially because I loved the Lorac Pro 2 and Naked 3 in previous years. I hardly touched my Naked 3 if I’m honest, and the Lorac Pro was also slightly used. I did go back to my Lorac Pro 2 during the spring/summer and loved the neutrals in my OG Naked Palette, but I have to say that the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Dolce Vita was almost exclusively on my eyes during the last four months of the year, which is good because it’s priiiiicey. A friend of mine uses her Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in Legendary Muse daily and she inspired me to do the same. The warm tone of the rust shade was perfect for my crease or all over my lids when I wanted to be more sultry, but I also loved the primer champagne shade to lighten things up and keep them more subdued. The emulsified gold glitter was always the star of the show and by the end of the year, I was using it over all my eye shadows, no matter where they came from. While I did still use my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper most of the year, I have to say I fell out of love with it, but that may be because this second one splayed early on and it’s probably time for me to toss it since it’s dried out, but I can’t seem to without knowing I don’t have a backup. I dabbled with a sample of the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner and while it’s fine, it’s not my fave and it’s definitely NOT waterproof. I did LOVE the Wet N Wild ProLine Liquid Eyeliner because it’s really easy to use, but it does transfer and isn’t super long-lasting. As far as mascara goes, I really liked the Maybelline Lash Sensational because you can achieve a natural look, one that’s super voluminous or one that’s dramatic. It’s also lasted a really long time, which is always a plus.


The Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm was truly a lifesaver towards the end of my Accutane treatment and in the two months since. I tried Aquaphor and sure it helped, but it wasn’t the best solution overall. I have two lipstick faves: the Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Out Loud (the one pictured is a different shade and a sample size as I can’t find my Out Loud) and the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Red Door Red. They were both recent additions from November/December, but the Smashbox lipstick is seriously the greatest thing I’ve ever used and I’ve been bumming Cristina’s Red Door Red for a couple of years now. I also couldn’t really wear lip products because of the Accutane and how dry it made my lips, so when November rolled around and I was done with treatment, I went wild with my lip products. These are the two that I kept going back to and like I said, their formulas are total dreams. I want to give a special shoutout to nude lip products because this is the first year I gave them a proper go and I actually really enjoyed loads of them!


While my skincare was something I paid very close attention to and I had a lot of samples to test out, I didn’t really use too many products because I found the things I liked early on in the year. I love the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser because it does a pretty good job of removing my makeup. I also love the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water because it ensures that every last bit of makeup gets removed, which I think has also contributed to my skin’s improvements. I tried a few other micellar waters, but this one was the best. My favorite moisturizer was the Tarte Maracuja Oil and from the samples I used, I loved the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser and Intensive Exfoliating Treatment to prep my skin for masks and remove all the dry skin and dead skin cells. I also really liked the sample of Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil and I am seriously thinking about splurging on a bottle this year.

So there it is! If you’ve followed my blog or read previous yearly beauty faves from me, I didn’t discover many new things and I really didn’t do too much with beauty this year. While great for acne, Accutane put me in a bit of a rut when I couldn’t do much in the way of playing with lip color. I’m glad I don’t need to buy foundations, but I would have looooved to have more fun with lipsticks and get a chance to wear all the nude liquid lipsticks I got from ColourPop. I did eventually play with shadows and lip products at the end of the year, so a lot of these products come from the last four months or so and have carried on into this year. Well that’s it from me, happy New Year(ish)!


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