DIY | The Easiest/Cheapest Lip Scrub

Nearing the end of my Accutane treatment (for now), I can see the light at end of the tunnel and it’s illuminated by fancy lipstick packaging. Clear skin is great, but so is a deep shade of matte purple liquid lipstick during the festive season. Now that I have less than a month to go, I’m so impatient that I’ve decided to just YOLO and start wearing all the lip products. Well, that and I’m working on a post about Accutane-friendly lip options in my collection for all my friends who are as desperate for pigment as I am. That being said, I’m also balling on a budget after a recent trip to Scotland, so the fancy lip scrubs are just totally out of the question at the moment. I was in my kitchen trying not to burn my omlette the other day when I saw the perfect ingredients for a lip scrub – the two perfect ingredients.


This is the most basic post and I’m sure everyone does something similar when DIYing a lip scrub, but one key element changed the game forever and it totally happened by accident.

I bought myself some instant coffee at the grocery store the other day and obviously needed milk and sugar to top it off, so I got the milk and then after a puzzling few minutes, I got the sugar. Studying in the UK when you’re an American and are used to options and convenience galore makes everything difficult because now your options are much more limited. Basically, I couldn’t find a plain, small package of brown sugar, so I settled for a box of brown sugar cubes. When I got home, I saw that each cube was slightly too big for the amount I take in my coffee, so I had to cut each one and was really annoyed about that. Then it hit me: I could use the smaller squares I cut off as part of a lip scrub!



Sugar CUBE

Olive oil


Literally just pour enough olive oil onto the sugar cube until it’s saturated, but not crumbling. You want it to remain firm enough so that you can hold it and push it onto your lips for convenience, but you want enough olive oil to allow pieces of the sugar to come off and start exfoliating. You need to keep an eye on the amount of olive oil you’re adding because a little goes a long way. I’d say something like 1:4 olive oil to sugar cube ratio is probably best.


Anyway, this is way better than my old method of pouring sea salt into my palm, followed by olive oil because a) it tastes better, b) the oil would just completly soak the salt, thus removing all exfoliating superpowers, and c) the salt just wound up drying out my lips even more. The sugar cube is cool because it’s much more condensed and so it will still break apart, but not as easily as regular sugar and the particles work in a much better way. It’s like you bought a fancy exfoliating balm in a tube, but you actually saved like, $20. Merry bold pouting!



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