Play! by Sephora | May 2016

IMG_1986We need to talk about the new Play packaging because it’s no longer a box that I have to recycle every month. Now, the items are coming in these chic white bags with black drawstrings, perfect for toting around things in your handbag or during travel. Also really good for storing jewelry. They’re less bulky and much more useful than their boxy counterparts. This month’s bag has a special lipstick design mirroring the one on the boxes. As for the contents, this has been my favorite bag by far. Also, massive apology that this is nearly two months late – things were really busy and I didn’t have time to test everything properly before reporting on this month’s products, and I always like to give as full a review as poss. Anyway, here’s a glimpse into May’s box:


Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

I’m pretty sure I once received this in an Ipsy or Birchbox, and I think it was quite good then when I had dyed and really damaged hair. Now that I’ve grown it all out, chopped it and grown it again, I have virgin hair that’s only seen a heating tool twice in over six months. That being said, it’s already quite soft and manageable, so I didn’t expect it to do too much. It did make my hair less tangled and that’s always a plus.


KORRES Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial

This is supposed to improve uneven skin tone and texture, and I’ve definitly noticed improvements in both of those areas since using it. At first, I used this in conjuction with my Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream, but then I just started mixing it in with a few drops of the Tarte Maracuja Oil and it has worked wonders. I should disclose that I’m also undergoing Accutane treatment for acne (most recent post about that here). This could have factored into the clearer skin and texture, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my skin looks the best it has now that I’m using this product. I have maybe one or two more uses and damn you, Sephora, I’m porbs going to purchase this.

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume

I lost this in my makeup storage area, so it’s not pictured, but that’s okay because we’ve all seen what a fragrance sample looks like. I always complain about the fragrance samples each month, but Sephora did such a good job with this one! It might be that it’s a cologne, so it isn’t too floral or sweet, but this is something I could see myself wearing every day. I love the zest and the orange scent so much that I’m actually considering purchasing the rollerball of this particular fragrance (do they make a rollerball?).


Tarte Tarteist Lip Crayon in Latergram

As I mentioned earlier, I’m on Accutane at the mo, so my lips are literally just two shriveled, peeling, bleeding raisins on my face and I can’t wear anything fun on them (it’s a strict Aquaphor diet for me). I did however apply this once, just because I was desperate for a real lip product again, and it actually went on nicely! It showed every dry crevice, but my lips are worst case scenario, so I’m sure they aren’t as unforgiving to others. I love the color as I’m now getting into nudes and lip pencils. What I don’t like is how small the tip is! I have rather large lips, so filling them in requires a lot of patience wih this pencil, plus it is quite flimsy so I’m not sure if that’s a sample problem, or also something to worry about with the full size. It is v similar in color and texture to the NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Nude, which is only $4.50 AND the tip is bigger.


Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Kimchi

I was most excited for this product because it’s totally up my alley. I love lipsticks and the bolder, the better for me. I have also heard really good things about Bite’s formula, so I thought this would work well for me. The finish is stunning, although a bit more creamy than I’m used to. Again, I couldn’t test this properly on my dry lips, but it looks amazing on and was so much easier to apply than the Tarte lip crayon. Sorry I don’t know about the longevity or wear of this particular lip product, but a small amount of any mattifying primer will set it pretty well.


Origins Maskimizer Skin-Optimizing Mask Primer

This is a bit of an innovative product as I haven’t seen a primer for face masks before this one. I was initially happy to receive this product because I am loving masks at the mo, but then I was scared to try it after Cristina told me she thinks it irritated her skin. Because mine is so sensitive, I worried it would do the same to me. It definitely didn’t, and I kept it on for a really long time, so maybe just test it for yourself. This primer also came with two masks from Origins (surprise bonus!) and I used the hydrating overnight mask. Instead of leaving it on overnight though, it was on for over an hour and while I didn’t notice any massive changes or anything, it certainly didn’t do any harm and I LOVED the scent. In the bottom picture, I wanted to show how I store samples (of masks, moisturizers, serums, priners, etc.) so that they don’t dry out and I can reuse them several times. I like to take either a clean sample pot (that you could get from Sephora or any other skincare/makeup counter/store) or a clean container from an old product and put the excess in there. Here I’m using the Clinique All About Eyes pot, which I really like because it’s quite big and has a screw-on lid, which will keep everything nice for quite some time. I’ll keep using the mask primer with some texturizing or pore-based masks to see how it really works.


I also have reviews of most Play! boxes since they started shipping out (I missed a couple, soz) if you’re interested. Just search for them within the blog! I’m excited that more people are receiving the subscription now! Let me know if you’re one of them, and keep a look out for June’s Play! review next week. Sab.



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