Music Mondays | Ellie Goulding Delirium World Tour


ALL images in this post (except one) are courtesy of my beautiful cousin Eli

It’s literally been two years since Eli bugged me to ditch class and drive six hours to Arizona for an Ellie Goulding concert on a Wednesday. Sadly, I had an exam that I just could not miss and so we skipped the concert. Then, I went to Jingle Ball at the end of last year with Cristina and Kat and Ellie was there! Our seats weren’t great but she was one of the best performances and it was in that instant that we decided we needed to see her on tour.


The concert was at the Cedar Park Center in Austin, Texas, a really small venue that usually entertains hockey games. We had general admission floor seats and it was cool because there were only six people in front of me, but so strange because it felt like GA for a smaller performer but there was this massive stage with a lot of production happening only a few feet from us. I will say this was THE WORST crowd I’ve ever been in because not only were we unfortunately by the rudest, loudest, pushiest and most invasive group of people, but literally everyone in the GA crowd had their phones up to film the entire concert! More on this later.



Bebe Rexha was the first opening act and I literally had no idea who she was. She came out on stage wearing a monochrome outfit made up of a sports bra, bomber jacket and track pants with her blonde hair up in a pony tail, winged liner and red lips; she literally looked like Meredith in the Parent Trap during the hiking scene. She opened up with an original song and I was like….yeah, okay, cool I guess? Then she let us know that she was actually a song writer and had been in the business for a while. She performed “Monster,” done by Eminem and Rihanna, David Guetta and Nicki Minaj’s “Hey Mama,” and the massive G-Eazy hit of the moment, “Me, Myself, and I” along with her own current single “No Broken Hearts.” Her voice actually features on the two middle tracks mentioned and I was just really surprised by how she wasn’t as famous as her songs when she clearly had talent and gave off a very cool and trendy vibe. I also really like that she told the crowd to pursue their dreams for the right reasons and they would come true. Those are wise words to live by IMO. She definitely pumped up the crowd and I literally downloaded all of these songs because of her great performance.


The next act were Years & Years AND I WAS EXCITED. I fell in love with the trio around this time last year when I first heard them on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show and was seriously impressed by how instantly catchy their music is. Their most popular song “King” became one of THE songs of my 2015 summer in London because it was literally everywhere and it was such a fun song to listen to when I needed to get pumped up. The performance was definitely different to anything I had experienced before, but it was very much something I would expect from Years & Years. They sounded great and really knew how to work the crowd.




Ellie’s performance was next and everything was the fire emoji IRL from start to finish. I was seriously in awe of her vocals, her dance moves, overall effort, outfits, beauty and her jokes. The staging and production were outstanding and every outfit was not only fierce, but beautiful. Also, Ellie just LOOKED AMAZING. I see you, girl. My favorite outfits were a neon leotard-esque ensemble and a very simple black outfit with a colorful shawl that resembled wings. The outfits went well with the songs and staging. As far as the music went, my fave songs were obvs all the hits, especially her collabs with Calvin Harris. “On My Mind” was a particularly good number because it’s the first single from her new album and it’s just really good, innit? I was really surprised that two new songs caught my eye during the concert – “Codes” and “Keep On Dancing.” They’re both more upbeat and just super catchy. I immediately downloaded them after the concert and have been playing them nonstop the past two weeks. My favorite part was when before she closed the show with “Burn,” she made a speech asking the audience to experience the concert without their phones and actually made us all put our phones away. Let me tell you, it was so nice not to watch the concert through someone else’s phone screen. I mean, I get it, we all like to Snapchat and record concerts, but why would you record an entire show??? How do you even actually experience it?? If you’re just checking your phone to make sure it’s recording everything correctly, isn’t it basically like watching the performance on YouTube? Anyway, we were of course behind the one person in the whole room who took out her phone for “Burn,” but whatver. Next, Ellie did her encore with my personal fave, “Anything Could Happen” and then my not-so-fave, “Love Me Like You Do” and a huge confetti canon. It was SOOO cool being on the floor with the confetti raining down on us (I’m still finding confetti in random places).


Overall, I was so glad the three of us got to go to the concert together because we’re all such massive Ellie Goulding fans and it was really one of the best performances we’ve seen. Ellie put on such a great show and we had so much fun! The only sad part was not having Cristina there with us, but trust that she was there in spirit! Ellie did not disappoint and we left the concert totally beaming, so thanks Ellie! Are you going to the Delirium World Tour?? Have you checked out Bebe or Years & Years?? Xx S.



Aftermath of post-Ellie Goulding confetti canon (photo by me).



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