My Skincare Routine


Hello! It’s strange to say that within the past year, I’ve shifted my attention from makeup to skincare, no longer pining after eyeshadow palettes, rather I’ve been hoarding pennies to save up for expensive eye creams. I’m nearing the end of 23 and while I do still feel quite young and like I have my whole life ahead of me, I also want to preserve as much of my youthful skin as possible. Really though, my biggest problem has always been acne. I’ve never known how to deal with it and seem to kill it with intense products. My skin has been so nice the past two years in comparison to my teenage years and very early twenties. Yes, I’ve had my really bad days (weeks, actually), but I’ve also had moments with my clearest skin.



I always start with a gentle cleanser like the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser or the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for normal to oily skin. Neither are great at removing my makeup, but I like them because they’re both super gentle. Either way, I always do a double cleanse with my favorite product in my routine, the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser. I’m obsessed with the stuff and have purchased SEVEN sample bottles (I like them for traveling and they’re all only $10; I recently discovered the 1.7 oz bottle is also $10 on Sephora AND COMES WITH A PUMP!! Link to it here). It has charcoal and I think my skin really responds well to charcoal because it’s cleared up a lot since I started using it. I use the cleanser in conjunction with the Boscia Konjac Charcoal Cleansing Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal. Not only is it infused with charcoal to help my acne problems, it also helps to deep clean and do some light exfoliating. I’ve also purchased the Sephora Collection Clean Machine Konjac Sponge Duo because you get two for the price of one of the Boscia sponges. I’m currenlty using the one with lycopene and haven’t noticed any major differences like I did with the charcoal one, but again, the gentle exfoliating and deep cleansing are nice. I then dry my face with a towel and go in with the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water and some cotton round pads. This step is vital because it removes ALL of the remaining makeup and ensures that my skin is truly clean. I’m on my sixth bottle and I just can’t get enough of the stuff. Before moving onto moisturization, I will sometimes go in with a face mask. At the moment, my favorite one is the Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask. This tackles all of my pimples and makes my face feel really smooth. I also like to use it as a spot treatment when I need to get rid of some particularly pesky spots.


I next go on to moisturizing and always start with an oil. At first, I was using the Josie Maran 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil in combination with the Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment, but then I received a sample of the Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil and fell in love. I use 2-3 drops and rub it all over my face and neck. I think this step helps to lock in moisture and overall, helps to keep the acne at bay. I then follow up with a serum like this NUDE Advanced Renewal Serum if my skin is feeling particularly dry. It feels light but again, it’s locking in moisture. I seal it all up with my favorite – Belif the True Cream Moisturizing Bomb. It’s really cooling and hydrating and a little goes a long way. My skin really loves this cream and I’ve never tried anything better. I then move on to my eyes and have been using the Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream and while I really like it because it’s brightening, light and easily blendable, it’s definitely more of a daytime cream so I’m going to look for something with a thicker consistency and will be using the Origins GinZing under makeup for days when my eyes feel extra dry. I then finish with my ONE TRUE LOVE, the Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. I didn’t have this at all in 2015 and that’s 100% the reason why my lips are in such bad shape. It just recently came back into my life and idk how I ever lived without it. It’s super thick and just feels amazing on the lips. Full review here.

I know it seems like this routine takes a long time, but I’ve reduced the time to 10 minutes. Most of the products were samples I received in my Play! by Sephora subscriptions because honestly, I never would have thought about splashing out on a cleanser if not for the samples I received. Like I said, my skin isn’t anywhere near being clear, but the pigmentation and acne marks have been less and less visible since starting this routine, so that’s a plus! Xx Sab.




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