Galentine’s Day 2016


Hello!! So for those of you who are like me and just could care less about Valentine’s Day, I feel that Galentine’s Day, typically 13 February, is a much better and more fun way of getting into the festivities without seriously participating. Galentine’s is basically just you and your friends, male or female, pigging out on red and pink desserts with tons of wine and no significant others are allowed to join. This was my second annual celebration with the same friends as last year and I wrote a blog post about it here. This time was just slightly different, but all of the essentials were the same.


First, I’m all about cute little gifts for my friends and am on holidays and the always involve chocolates and candies of some sort, so Galentine’s is no different. You can get super crafty and come up with something cute, but I like to raid the dollar store and pick up whatever has hearts plastered everywhere. I bought these packs of goodie bags that were two for $1. I then bought some peanut butter-filled chocolate hearts and some V Day-themed Hershey’s Kisses because duh. I also bought the Sweethearts Conversation Hearts because it isn’t Galentine’s without them. I threw in one box of convo hearts and two handfuls of the chocolates into each bag and for a special surprise, I added a mini Peter Thomas Roth face mask as well. I bought the Just Mask It collection from Sephora and it comes with three different masks, so I gave them out according to each person’s skin care needs. Another good gift would be lip products or single eyeshadows, even something like a cute Starbucks gift card or a mug.



Food is also a major part of Galentine’s and because there were going to be six of us there, I knew I didn’t need to bring a lot so I decided to make some heart-shaped chocolate covered strawberries (post on how to make them here). We also had extra fudgey brownies with chocolate chips, more Hershey’s Kisses, chocolate cupcakes, cookie dough flavored dip with graham crackers and yogurt chips for the sweets. On the more savory side we had spicy BBQ Lay’s chips, Hot Cheetos, and a plate with pretzels, black olives and cheese. There was also a lot of red wine and pizza to balance everything out.

So aside from eating, we basically just sat around and talked for like, six hours, so that was fun! You could definitely watch films or play some sort of games, but we didn’t have time for any of that this year. Will you be celebrating Galentine’s? Xx S.


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