Review | ColourPop Forever Freshman


Not too long ago I found out that Ipsy points expire and I had been hoarding mine waiting for the perfect point perk. Magically, the stars aligned and when I looked in the perk section I saw the ColourPop Forev… okay you get it I saw this BAE!!!! (Hence why we are here).
Here is just a quick run down on how the eyeshadows feel and apply:

  • They apply best with your fingers, then can be blended out with a brush
  • Applying with a brush will only give a very subtle amount of color so if you want the vibrancy of these bad boys, save the brush for other shadows
  • If you’ve tried any of the “solid” ColourPop items (the highlight or blush) they all feel the same
  • They don’t feel like powder, but they don’t feel like cream either. They feel quite silky – like you’re rubbing a slippery counter top


Brick red with a matte finish


Taupe with hints of silver and gold with a metallic finish

As If

Taupe that has hints of grey and purple with a matte finish

Baby T

Navy blue with a matte finish


Charcoal grey with a satin luxe finish


Cool grey with flecks of gold and with an ultra-metallic finish

If you want to see me use the palette in action with “great” commentary (you can just mute it) then watch the video 😀 – Cristina




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