Music Mondays | Jingle Ball Dallas


Casually hanging with the lads before the show

With the holidays swiftly upon us, we are in full Jingle Ball concert season. I’ve never attended a Jingle Ball because they don’t exist in my city, but Cristina and Kat attended the 106.1 KISS  FM Jingle Ball in Dallas for free two years ago, managing to win four tickets to the show (C’s parents also went) and VIP tickets for before the show festivities. I was in London and couldn’t make it, but they had a really great time and saw performances from Selena Gomez, Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias, among others.

This year, One Direction was one of many really great headliners and we were desperate to see the boyos before their hiatus (I just really needed to see “No Control” IRL), so we were pulling together all of our resources, recruiting family members, and entering every contest to try to win tickets for the sold-out show.

We didn’t have any luck and wound up purchasing four tickets, $50 each, for less-than-ideal seats. We were basically sat on each side of the stage, nearer the back than the front. We could see all of the performers…but they weren’t facing us. Either way, we saw the boys perform and it was great!


Our seats with a *great* view of the stage

The Lineup:

5 Seconds of Summer – NOOOO we missed these Aussies because of traffic. I really only wanted to see them perform “She’s Kinda Hot” because that is a new fave of mine and I have seen them before last year when they opened for 1D, but C and Kat hadn’t seen them. OH WELL.

DNCE – Apparently Joe Jonas is making music again??? Apparently he’s in another band??? Listen, I had no idea this was a thing and Joe and his blue hair freak me out a bit so I was glad we missed this one tbh.

Zedd – We made this performance, but idk I went to find drinks instead. I can’t name a single Zedd song so beer was a better option for me.

Charlie Puth – Another one I don’t really care for. I don’t like any of his songs and I’m just generally not interested. We took a lap around the venue during this performance.

Ellie Goulding – SO EXCITED. Ellie was the flame emoji IRL. She was hot, fierce, had amazing vocals, great stage presence – basically just perfect. It’s insane how great she is live and I can’t wait to see her next year. She opened with “Outside,” a personal fave and followed with “On My Mind,” another fave and definitely so good live. Then she did a throwback with “Burn” and while it’s not my fave, it was good nonetheless. She closed her set with “Love Me Like You Do”and had the crowd belting the lyrics alongside her.

Tove Lo – I don’t know any of her songs besides “Stay High,” and I do actually quite like that song, so I stayed for her whole performace. I will say she isn’t my fave live, but she was alright.

Shawn Mendes – Okay, I’m all about the “Stitches” song, like I’m actually really obsessed with it. I don’t know any of his other songs, and that one girl from Fifth Harmony (also don’t know anything about them) joined him on stage, but I could care less. “Stitches” was great though. Loved that.

One Direction – THE MAIN EVENT. Seriously though, after the boys’ set, the arena cleared out. They came out on stage looking really good and were absolute gems. Their performance was the longest set, I think with 40 minutes of play time. Demi’s might have been the same length but idk. They started the night with “Drag Me Down” and I was totally surprised because it was released so long ago that I forgot it was from MITAM. Louis shouting, “nobody, nobody!” gave me so much life. Next up was “History” and it was so good. The audience was really into it and it’s just a really great anthem/campfire song. Deffo one of my faves. They sang “Perfect” next and I really loved it. I think this is one song I love to see them perform rather than just hearing it. Next was “AM” and I haven’t actually listened to it yet (I like to listen to the whole album after the holidays), but when they did the “talking out of our asses” bit, so everyone went nuts and I was like, oh yeah I’ve seen these cheeky lyrics before, so that was a fun one. Next up was one of my personal faves, “Love You Goodbye.” Another really good performace on this one and let me just tell you, there was so much anticipation in the room for Louis’ high note and it did not disappoint. It was beautiful and I’m pretty sure my soul left my body afterwards. I really loved the emotion behind that one. “What Makes You Beautiful” was next and it was probs my fave performance of this song that I’ve ever witnessed. Sure, it was a little weird without Zayn to help with the triangle formation, but I genuinely think it was better this time around. This is another one I really only like to see live becuase let’s be real, it’s not their best song. Louis then introduced “No Control,” giving the spiel about having great fans who pushed so hard for this as a single (thanks fans otherwise I would never see my fave performed live). This song was on fire and the boys were really good. It’s super fun and again, I love Louis’ bits and how much he gets into singing for this one. “Story of My Life” was next and it was another great one. I’ve seen it live for three of the four concerts I’ve attended and it has been one of my faves that they do. It’s just such a good song all around. The boys closed their set with “Infinity” and I really have loved this one, another great one to see live. Definitely a great closer. Just like that, the boys were gone and now I’m like, when is this hiatus going to end??

Calvin Harris – Calvin Harris is only great when he partners up with Ellie Goulding IMO, but I do also like his song with John Newman, “Blame It on the Night” and the song “How Deep Is Your Love.” He played both of those and that was cool, but I was massively disappointed that he didn’t take advantage of having Ellie Gouling there to perform together. To be fair, she did do “Outside” during her set, but whatever. I’m not a huge fan of these DJs because they basically just do a light show, but the crowd was loving it and going crazy. I was annoyed that his face was also really shadowed so it was basically like you’re at a club and a regular old DJ is performing. Nothing too special if you take away the fancy lighting.

Demi Lovato – Demi is from the Dallas area and so she closed out the show. She performed A LOT of songs off her latest album and I’m not a fan at all if I’m honest. She did “Confident” and “Cool for the Summer” and I love Demi, but I really hate those songs. She did perform “Heart Attack” and I was living for it. I saw Demi last year in Grand Prarie (Dallas area) and she was sooo good and I loved a lot of the songs she did then, but the new album just doesn’t cut it for me. Her vocals were INSANE though. She was also really sweet and talked about how she had dreamt of performing at the American Airlines Center for years and now she was doing it, so I really enjoyed that.


We made a GIF at the Allstate booth at the venue. It’s a lot cuter than this still from the GIF.

Overall, the it was a really good show and despite me not being into a lot of the acts, Ellie and 1D made up for that. Can we talk about how criminal it is for KISS or iHeart Radio, whoever, to ACTUALLY SELL tickets for behind the stage seating??? Ours were on the side, only slightly behind, but there were people actually 100% behind the stage who were relying on sneaky shots of the acts entering and leaving the stage and they had three massive screens to actually see the performances. It’s an actual crime and please don’t let that become a thing. I wish my seats were better, but I was there and that’s all that mattered. I just really wanted to see 1D one last time before who knows how long, and I did. How were your Jingle Ball experiences?? Let me know below! Xx S.




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