Review | Lorac Pro Palette


I had convinced myself that I only needed the Lorac Pro 2 in my life because it had colors that I couldn’t find elsewhere in my collection. I lived with that decision for a few months and spent a happy summer with the Lorac Pro 2, then my parents told me they had $40 in Kohl’s Cash. For those of you who don’t know, Kohl’s stocks Lorac and Kohl’s also has an amazing coupon/cash back system. Every so often, my parents (holders of the Kohl’s account) are told they have a certain amount of money to be used as Kohl’s Cash. It’s typically $10 or $20 and they usually give it to me to buy new shoes or pants for work. When they told me they had $40, I nearly wept. I didn’t really need anything so I took the coupon and purchased my Lorac Pro 2 Palette for $22 thanks to $20 Kohl’s Cash back and I thought that was a steal. With the $40 coupon, I only spent $2 and some change TWO DOLLARS FOR A LORAC PRO PALETTE!!!! Friends, it was the best $2 I have ever spent.

The palette’s packaging is slim, encompassing a top row of eight matte shadows and a bottom row of eight shimmer shadows. It also comes with a sample-size eye primer, but it’s actual rubbish. Here’s my review of the Lorac Pro 2 if you want to compare the two, but they are honestly very similar. Apart from the shade choices, the texture, pigmentation, lasting power and blendability are all still actual perfection.


The shimmers and reds/pinks of this palette have been my go-to. I love the shades Lt. Pink, Mauve, Nude, Champagne, Gold and Garnet. I often use Mauve as a crease shade, paired with either Lt. Pink, Nude or Champagne on the lid. I also like wearing the shimmers on their own. My favorite for that look is Garnet because it’s a really beautiful rusty red.


I’ve also been quite  into the holiday season lately, so I’ve been wearing Gold quite a bit. I like to wear it on its own or with Sable or Garnet in the crease. I’m also a huge fan of Lt. Bronze which translates beautifully onto the eye. Truly, every shade is lovely and the palette compliments the Lorac Pro 2 so well.


Did I need both palettes? No. Will I use the last couple of rows on the right? Not really. Do I have a lot of similar shades in my collection? Yes. If I didn’t love the Lorac Pro 2 Palette so much, I probably would have been content without the original in my collection. The Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita, original Naked and Naked 3, and Lorac Pro 2 all have very similar shade offerings compared to this palette, but these are so much nicer in terms of quality and they can seriously blend to perfection. Honestly, this is probably my favorite ever neutral palette so if you can rustle up some Kohl’s Cash, I say paying $24 for two phenomenal palettes is the steal of the century. Xx S.


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