Music Mondays No. 1

I’ve really been into music lately, which is weird to say as I’m always quite into music, but I tend to get stuck on whatever’s on the radio or just listening to the same four songs over and over again. Since I started listening to the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show two and a half years ago, I began to really get a feel for British music and then I studied abroad and created a playlist of songs that reminded me of my semester in London, but were also very London fall 2013. This past summer, the same thing happened and while I have an entire playlist with 70+ songs, I thought I’d share my favorite bits from that playlist that I can’t stop listening to, along with some random others in no particular order. There are a lot of new things and a few old goodies. I don’t have a Spotify (I know, I’m so out of touch but I prefer to buy my music on iTunes) so here’s a link to a playlist I made on Youtube for you to listen to as you read!


  1. Peanut Butter Jelly – Galantis The ultimate banger for me right now. It’s such a quirky song and so random but I love the beat. My brother and I listen to this all the time and get really into creating some weird dance moves to accompany the lyrics.
  2. What Do You Mean – Justin Bieber Listen, the Biebs never went anywhere. I will stand by my opinion that he is amazing and apart from the confusing compilation that was Journals, I’ve loved everything he does. I even bought Believe Acoustic when I already owned Believe. The more I listen to this song, the more I say, YASSS BIEBS SLAAAAY. It gets better every time and it’s one I have on repeat (my brother loves it, too).
  3. Say You Don’t Want It – One Night Only I became obsessed with this one in high school after watching Emma Watson play the love interest in the music video (one of my top five fave music vids). It’s such a British song with a British sound and it never gets old. I loved listening to this as I strutted down the streets of London because it made me feel way cooler than I am.
  4. Drag Me Down – One Direction If you ever had doubts about 1D without Zayn, shame on you. The first single for the band as a foursome surprised everyone and broke streaming and downloading records. I think people are finally starting to take them seriously, meanwhile I’m over here like, hi welcome to Da Club of Appreciating Greatness. There’s something really gritty about this song and the beat jumps around to all the right places.
  5. House Every Weekend – David Zowie This song makes me feel more “house” than I actually am. I love house music because I love anything with a fun beat and this song just gets my inner party girl going (the one that doesn’t always cancel on plans with her friends because she’d rather stay in and watch Netflix).
  6. Runaway (U & I) – Galantis I WANNA RUN AWAAAAAY! Such a party tune and literally my life anthem right now. Probs because I want to run away back to London STAT.
  7. Where Are U Now – Skrillex and Diplo I’m sure you’ve heard it and I’m sure Skrillex’s mixing magic has you hooked on this song and maybe even made you reconsider the Biebs. Everyone loves the upbeat parts and everyone also loves the slowed down bit in the middle. It’s a good song to get you in the mood for anything really.
  8. Left Hand Free – alt-J I was kind of late to the alt-J party, but sometimes I hear about an artist and just know I’m going to love them, despite the fact that I haven’t actually heard any of their music. That was the case with alt-J and I think this is the entry song to the band. It’s so clever and that opening is what road trip goals are made of.
  9. Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus One of my all-time faves. Such a 90s tune and you can just relate to the angst-ridden lyrics deep down in your inner teenage soul.
  10. Hold My Hand – Jess Glyne Jess Glyne’s voice is killer and this is an honest song that’s full of emotion, but is really fun. You’ll be belting out to this one.
  11. King – Years & Years New fave artist alert! Years & Years are just so cool and all of their music just gets it done. This one was all over the London music scene and it’s what got me into the British electronic band.
  12. The Party (This is How We Do It) – Joe Stone Another song I love to listen to when I want to get in the party mood because it’s upbeat but also chilled out so like, when you’re really excited but you spent too much time getting ready that you are also really tired.
  13. Lean On (feat. MO) – Major Lazer and Dj Snake OBSESSED with everything about it. It just makes me want to dance and puts me in the best mood. This song always gets stuck in my head and I’m never mad about it.
  14. Powerful (feat. Ellie Goulding) – Major Lazer This one is quite powerful as it’s a bit sensual and it tends to linger in my head after hearing it. You can’t go wrong with the vocals here.
  15. Reflections – MisterWives I love MisterWives and this is the song I’ve been listening to the most by them. It’s indie and has a v. upbeat pace, but there’s also a dance version if you really want to party.
  16. She’s Kinda Hot – 5 Seconds of Summer I’m so excited for the new 5SOS album. I loved their last one because it really reminded me of my teenage years and this one seems like it will be another anthem album but for my early 20s.
  17. All That Matters – Justin Bieber This song literally saved the Biebs during the release of Journals. I think it’s the perfect transition from “Boyfriend” Bieber to “What Do You Mean?” so if you like either of those, give this a shot. It’s more sensual and might have been a bit too grown up for JB back then, but he pulled it off. Also, that music video is *fire emoji*
  18. One – Ed Sheeran I saw Eddie Spaghetti in July (post here) and had such a good time. This is one song I really liked when it first came out, then forgot about it until the concert. It’s probably one of my favorite songs off of X mostly because of that falsetto Ed manages to comfortably carry throughout the whole song.

I promise the next ones won’t be this long, most of them might just be one or two songs if I’m honest, but this encompases an entire summer of good music. Let me know what you’ve been loving so I can find more good music! Xx S.


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