Review | Burberry Makeup

If you’ve been following my study abroad series, you would know I spent my summer in London doing a study abroad internship program. One of my friends in the program received some vouchers to Burberry for her birthday, so she very kindly asked me to go with her and help her decide what to buy. Being the good friend that I am, I said yes. We went to the Burberry flagship on Regent Street because they just opened Thomas’s Cafe. We had really good tea and some food. We then made our way to the actual store and my friend told a sales associate what kind of bag she was looking for. We were given champagne and treated so well. My friend decided on a bag and a gorgeous scarf in this amazing autumnal print. We then made our way to the makeup and received mini makeovers, along with our very first Burberry makeup purchases. My friend chose an eyeshadow and a lip/cheek cream product. I chose the Complete Eye Palette in Rose Pink No. 10 and the K.I.S.S.E.S. lipstick in Union Red NO. 113.



I have been obsessed with the Rose Pink Eye Palette since the Burberry SS14 catwalk in September 2013. I was in London for the fall when this show took place and because I lived five minutes from the Kensington Gardens venue where Burberry holds its shows, I watched the show on my laptop and then made my way over and caught some celebs walking out at the end of the show (Cara, Sienna, Paloma). Anyway, I was obsessed with the campaign’s makeup, which was based on bringing out the beauty of an English rose petal. The base was very natural and fresh with a hint of glow. The eyes were covered in a single shade, Tea Rose (the darker pink from the palette) and the lashes were left bare for the show. The look was completed with a rosy pink lipstick. The eyes were what really got me and I just had to have that shade of pink. The palette has a champagne, a frosted pink, a taupe, and the tea rose shade. Each shadow has shimmer, but the tea rose has the least amount, so it isn’t too noticeable like the others. They are very pigmented and easy to blend. I also like how I can get a very neutral look from it as well as one that is quite pink-based.




I next made my way to the lipsticks because I don’t have enough (lies). I was really interested in the K.I.S.S.E.S. formula, so I peered at them and was looking for a poppy red, which incidentally is the name of one of the shades. I tried it and it wasn’t exactly what I wanted so the sales associate showed me Union Red and it was love. It’s a bit of an orangey red with some brown undertones if that makes any sense. It’s not too bold and would be very appropriate for every day wear. The formula is so moisturizing and really long-lasting. It’s one lipstick I can just glide on my lips and not worry about it fading awkwardly or coming off when I eat/drink. It’s my new favorite lipstick and I reach for it daily.



I also received a free sample of the My Burberry fragrance (yeah, the one with the iconic Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss ad). I really like it because it’s very fresh, light and citrusy. It’s something my mother would love, so I brought it back for her and she loves it. The packaging on both the sample size and the larger fragrances is so cute. They have a lid that resembles the Burberry trench coat buttons. You can also get the bottle of the full-size fragrances monogrammed.


I had been going back and forth between whether or not I should buy the palette because at $60 for four eyeshadows, it’s not cheap, especially when the one I really wanted is the smallest eyeshadow in the palette. Since I was at the Burberry flagship and had been having the best experience with my friend, I decided to treat myself to a nice little souvenir for my wonderful summer abroad. Last time I studied abroad, I bought myself a classic check scarf that I had specifically saved money aside to buy, so Burberry gifts to myself were quickly becoming an expensive tradition. While this was a bit of an expensive purchase, I’m really happy with it and I’ve already gotten so much use out both products. Do you have any Burberry makeup products? Let me know if you do and how you feel about them? I might be making another cheeky purchase, especially now that Burberry is sold at Sephora. Is there anything on your wish list? Let me know! Sab x.


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