Study Abroad No. 10 | Internship Week Five

Edit by Jess Girvan.

Edit by Jess Girvan.


I travelled to Germany this past weekend and wound up spending about 22 hours at two different airports thanks to as series of flight delays. As a result, I didn’t get back to my dorm until Monday morning at 4 am, so imagine how dead I was at work. When I went to seek solace in the coffee machine, it wasn’t there. Where has it gone? Why did it leave us so soon? How was I supposed to survive?? I managed to power through and get some video editing and blog writing done, thanks to about five cups of tea. It also didn’t help that there were only seven of us in the main office on Monday, so it was quieter than normal. When everyone was in on Tuesday, they also couldn’t believe the coffee machine was gone. Starting at around 10:30, person after person would leave the office and emerge from the kitchen minutes later, devastated and wondering why there wasn’t any coffee. When the tech team came in for the team meeting on Thursday, it was funny to see them all have the same reactions to the news that there was no machine. It was Coffeepacolypse 2015 and we were crashing, so we made daily trips down Bermondsey to our new fave coffee shop, Fuckoffee (yes, that’s the actual name). We went there literally every day and have probably been banned, but more on that later.

Amanda and I had quite the outing on Wednesday as we went over to the ping pong tables to film a couple of use case videos. There’s a giant sandbox we needed to use, but getting the tripod there and not getting sand everywhere was a process. Then we organized a proper ping pong match between Jon and Mikey for another video. They got really into it so Amanda was able to get some dramatic shots of the two trying to be intimidating, but they mostly just made us laugh.

Battle updates: Joel was unable to do bake-off, so we cancelled and moved it to next week. Jess will now go up against Volker and the theme is still strawberries. Jess gave me a sneak peek of what she’s planning to bring since I’ll be missing it and let me tell you, it looks GREAT. The two are being very secretive, but apparently Volker is some good competition because Jess has been practicing all week. Jess also brought in some ham and broccoli swirls with cream cheese on Thursday. Maybe she was trying to get an advantage over the voters for next week, maybe she was just bitten by the baking bug? Either way, the swirls were so good that by the time the team meeting began, there were only two left. Sam lost this week’s Spotify battle to Sherin and up next in the battle are Howard and German with Todd Rungren’s “I Saw the Light” and Pearl Jam’s “Alive,” respectively. Tbh, I don’t know either of them so I literally just picked the one with the best sounding name when I voted.

The team meeting this week was probably my favorite one. I’ve worked at Payfriendz long enough to actually understand most of the stuff the tech team talks about when they discuss the new app updates. Well, I at least understand some of the abbreviations and why we need to fix certain things that I would never even think about. This was also the first week I made an actual semi-interesting contribution. Amanda and I were asked to share a video we’d been working on, so we showed the 26-second Travel Fund video and it had a pretty good response.

Friday was my last day *insert sobbing emoji* and I brought some really fancy cakes from Tesco (they were actually amazing). Last day is fancy dress day, so I had to wear a bright orange inmate jumpsuit with its heart ripped out. And a blue mohawk. Why did I even try to look cute on my last day? Didn’t I learn from Anthony’s last day??? No, and as a result I was wearing a massive Orange is the New Black meets punk rock zombie OOTD. We had a team lunch at Fuckoffee. It’s a pretty eclectic place though, so I didn’t receive too many strange stares. Everything was going well until I placed my half-eaten cup of soup down on the edge of the table. It started to fall and Sam tried to save the day by using his foot to push it further onto the table, but he wound up accidentally kicking it so that the contents spilled all over Sherin’s leg and foot, Mikey’s shoe, and my orange jumpsuit (oh no…). We then ran out of the shop and we’re probably banned for life. Not really, but we picked up as much as we could and let them know what happened. (Sorry, guys!)

I spent the majority of the day in the inmate costume, even going outside onto Bermondsey Street to film for a couple of hours. We also got Mikey, Sam and Anastasiia to be in one of our videos. The behind-the-scenes stuff was hilarious, so I hope Amanda compiles a video of that. The best part was when Sam “accidentally” threw a wallet at a random lady and we weren’t sure if she was going to attack Sam or let it slide, so he just apologized profusely and she kept walking. We then went back to the office and I changed out of the costume (finally) because we needed to film me receiving a cake for one of our videos. We made everyone wait about 40 minutes to dig in and we were all dying, but it was so worth the wait. I will never judge a Tesco cake again. I then had to make a speech and it was the most awkward speech of my life, but basically I loved working at Payfriendz and am so sad to leave. Although it was somewhat intimidating coming into an environment that seemed crazy and too cool for me, I was prepared to dive in and have fun, which is exactly what happened and it was the best internship experience I could have ever hoped for. I forced everyone to go to a pub with me after work on my last day. We drank, we danced, we had fun! I also learned that my Twitter was being stalked before my interview, so they knew I was crazy before they met me and still hired me! (Never lose hope). It was a very British send-off and I’m so glad most of the Payfriendz team was able to make it out for the night. Unfortunately, they can’t get rid of me that easily because I’m going to keep in touch and bother y’all so much on social media. If it all works out, you’ll all see me again soon.




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