Study Abroad No. 8 | Internship Week Three

I’m sad to report that there was no Chicken Fiasco or Waterbottlegate this week, but we did find out the victim isn’t so innocent as she is a Straw Swiper. She takes a few straws at a time from an open packet in the communal kitchen and uses one or two a day throughout the week. In her mind, it’s not a problem because straws are inexpensive and the packet was already opened. We responded by saying that may be true, but it all adds up. Despite our efforts, I don’t think she’ll stop swiping straws any time soon.


Tuesday was our office cake showdown (bake off) between Jon and Steph and it was mentioned FOUR WHOLE HOURS before we were actually able to dig in. When it was finally time for the bake off, it was quite the formal affair. Jess cut up signs and ballots for us to cast our votes and the Champions League theme blasted throughout the office (and the rest of the building). Steph’s cake was Bake 1, an apricot lavender cake that was more savory than sweet. Jon’s entry was Bake 2, a gluten-free clementine cake accompanied by a mix of whipped creams. Bake 2 won 8-2, but everyone in the office agrees that the whipped cream was the real MVP. More importantly, I had gluten-free cake and didn’t die. It was actually quite good and the whole experience has taught me a serious life lesson: never judge a cake by its choice to flour or not to flour.


In less exciting news, we had a brush with fame this week as a Game of Thrones actor took a meeting with one of the businesses on the third floor of our building. Some people were very angry (he plays a ruthless villain), others wanted selfies, blurry snaps, ANYTHING, and then the rest of us were more interested in the free cake. Jess saw him iRL and when asked what he was like casually responded by saying, “He just looked like a guy with a beard, which I guess is his aim, really.”

Never thought I’d say this, but something called a Pig Coffee was a big part of our week. Sam used the communal coffee machine and when he grabbed his coffee, noticed the machine had created a sort of pig nose design in the foam. Obviously we were all very interested and we agreed it did in fact resemble a pig’s nose. Sam drank his coffee before we had a chance to photograph it for our social media, so he tried to recreate it with his afternoon cup. It was a bit of a fail though and he walked in asking if Butterfly Coffee would be just as good. Having no other options, we decided to Instagram it and received a comment saying Sam needed to try harder. It takes creativity to see these images in coffee so anyone who can’t tell it’s a butterfly is obviously boring.

Fellow intern Anthony’s last day was on Thursday so he started out the day with a blue wig, party hat and some seriously bushy eyebrows. Anthony has been known to treat the office to doughnuts, so he brought one last giant box of Krispy Kreme. We then decided to grab McDonald’s for lunch (so many healthy choices). Before lunch could even begin though, Anthony had to don more fancy dress – hello fat suit. Once we went out, we received a few stares and comments, especially whilst at McDonald’s. We then headed over to the ping pong tables where the boys played a few games. Anthony was a good sport and worked the fat suit though, bushy eyebrows and all. After discovering how we send out the interns, I’m naturally terrified about my last day.

Friday was Jess’s birthday. Her mad Photoshop skills earned her a free breakfast at the Shard from one of the companies on our floor and Volker handed her some jazzy birthday glasses to wear all day. Jess loves hamsters so Ale designed her a special hamster birthday card. She was also presented with a cute caterpillar cake (v. good) and a ukulele. We’re close to forming a Payfriendz band with Jess on ukulele, Jon will do the vocals and Sam will be the dancer. In unrelated news, there was also a lot of Nerf Gun shooting going on. Jess was the unfortunate target twice (both my fault – sorry again Jess!) and then Volker hit an unsuspecting Sherin who picked up the machine Nerf Gun and attacked. What a legend.


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