Study Abroad No. 7 | Internship Week Two

It was quite the slow week here at Payfriendz. Lol jk. The week began with a Chicken Fiasco update: the victim is now bringing her food from home to avoid any fowl play. There was however a new crisis: Waterbottlegate. I won’t go into any details to protect the identity of those involved, but I hope Boots checks all their CCTV before jumping to any conclusions. I also found out that during the rescheduled zombie team event, one of our own was apparently held hostage and covered in fake blood – standard.

Screenshot of Niall Horan mask on the London Snapchat story

Horrifying screenshot of myself wearing the Niall Horan mask on the London Snapchat story (apologies for the nightmares)

In honor of #NiallAppreciationDay, we donned masks of the the blonde 1D member’s face and appreciated him the best way we know how, by making fools of ourselves and posting it all over social media. As the kids say, “Do it for the Insta.” Mikey got a little carried away during a very casual listen to “What Makes You Beautiful,” but the video of him belting out the chorus received lots of lols. Also, my personal video recording the madness made it onto the London Snapchat story so we’re basically famous.

Not only am I an intern, I’m also American in an office of mostly English people, which does affect communication. There was some heated debate one morning when we discovered just how different American and British pronunciations can be. I learned that the ‘e’ in ‘Nike’ is very controversial – ‘Nike’ as in ‘bike’ or ‘Nike’ as in ‘crickey?’ I also found that the English have a long list of words relating to meal time, particularly depending on region, time of day and food temperature. The different interpretations for what “tea” can mean are a bit much for me to process, so I might just avoid any tea the rest of my time here. I usually consider myself quite knowledgeable when it comes to British culture (I mean, I knew what a cheeky Nandos was without the lad explanation on Tumblr), but I had to ask what ‘fancy dress’ meant and received some quizzical stares when I explained I thought it meant formal attire for fancy events, but I like costume definition better.

Prop setup for short use case video

Prop setup for short use case video

Workwise, I started my main project – short videos for our website. We filmed the first short video involving coins, fake paper money and a travel fund “jar.” It took us around two hours to find props, setup and then film a 25 second video, but I think it looks pretty good so far. Amanda also finished the first video in our new web series to introduce team members and it is comedic gold. After watching the video, I think Queen B needs to watch her back because we have our own resident dance master. If you’re subscribed to our newsletter or YouTube channel, you’ll be able to see that (shameless plug, also link here it’s v. funny promise).

During our weekly team meeting, we had a round of quick introductions for the newest additions to team Payfriendz – welcome friendz! There are also apparently two competitions to look forward to this next week: a ping pong tourney and a bake-off. In my opinion, everyone wins when there’s free food involved. We’re also constantly in the process of making improvements to the app and working on our marketing efforts, so it’s exciting to be a part of the behind-the-scenes stuff. Admittedly a lot of it goes way over my head, but being an intern implies you’re in the process of learning. I do look at apps in a whole different light now and appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating and maintaining them. Wow, I’ve spent too much time at work. TGIF.


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