Study Abroad No. 6 | Internship Week One

It’s not often that you find yourself laughing at images of your new coworkers in gorilla suits and Cookie Monster costumes. As I did research on Payfriendz, I found tons of funny videos and images and wondered what I was getting into. I was excited because you could tell everyone was having fun and being creative, while effectively promoting the company and doing their jobs.


As the new marketing intern at Payfriendz, anything was fair game. Would I be given the role as the next Cookie Monster? Isn’t that the kind of work interns usually do? Not at Payfriendz (well, not yet and certainly not maliciously). I spent my first day doing research and was interrupted by a break at 11:30 am. Everyone stopped what they were doing and started grabbing props and wigs to film quick dance videos for Instagram and Vine. The reason? #Fronday – Friday on a Monday. Then we carried on with our business, just like that.

Tuesday was spent doing more research about the company and our competition. This was also the day I ventured out for lunch and found the best Italian cafe and deli. Since we’re located on the corner of Bermondsey street, food options are pretty limitless and vary from really healthy salads to the I-shouldn’t-but-I’m-obviously-going-to cupcakes. I can walk through the tunnel to Tooley for the no-fuss EAT, Pret and Tesco, or quickly run over to Borough Market for the best food stands in London, and there’s also Bermondsey Street for more cafes than I have time to explore – RIP Bank Account. I ended the day with a shootout – four of us were armed with Nerf guns, three bullets each, aiming at our targets labeled with varying points. Initiation? Maybe, it was more along the lines of: we work and have fun here, you should too.

Wednesday was a weird day. There was a chicken fiasco in the office (the issues of sharing a fridge with a floor of people from different office spaces). Anxiety levels were also high, not from anything actually work-related though, rather from a team event we would be attending that night – the Generation of Z: Apocalypse. It’s basically a really scary zombie apocalypse simulation that you’re thrown into. The website says: “blood will be spilled!” so what are you supposed to do with that information?? I was freaking out and I wasn’t alone. When we got to the event, we were told the main actor was injured and the event was cancelled. At first most of us thought it was a joke, but we quickly realized it wasn’t and those of us who could make it rescheduled for Friday. We headed to a nearby ice cream shop and then migrated to a pub for the remainder of the night, which wound up being great because I was finally able to speak to a lot of my coworkers.

Thursday was different because now that I had actually met/spoken to the team, I felt more comfortable (I even sat somewhere new! Crazy, I know). I also spoke to Amanda, our resident filmmaker, and we discussed the videos we would be working on together over the following weeks. We then had a team meeting and brainstorming session. This was my favorite because it was finally the perfect blend of creativity and work I had been searching for.

The workplace is interesting because people are busy and in the zone, but there’s also an air of friendliness and if someone has a crazy idea (#Fronday, for instance), they just say it and get people to respond. I don’t work Fridays, but I was sad to leave on Thursday knowing I wouldn’t be back for another three days. That’s just the kind of place Payfriendz is and I am so excited for the next four weeks.


2 thoughts on “Study Abroad No. 6 | Internship Week One

  1. RavishingRoses says:

    Sounds like an interesting week! Love this post. Would be fab if you could check out my latest post too xxx

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