Study Abroad No. 4 | Ed Sheeran at Wembley Stadium


Wembley Stadium

I can’t even begin to express my love for Ed Sheeran. In my opinion, he is the greatest musician of our time. It’s a bold statement, I know, but he is genuinely amazing.

I saw Ed two years ago when he was supporting Taylor Swift on her Red tour and to be completely honest, I was more excited for him after being a fan for a year than I was for Taylor when I had loved her for six years. The concert was at the AT&T Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play and we were literally watching from outer space. I basically just saw him from a giant screen, but the energy and sounds he was producing were insane. He maybe performed six or eight songs, but he dragged them out to be about 10 minutes long and it was glorious. This time around, my two Australian friends had an extra ticket and I jumped at the opportunity to see him again, especially because we had floor seats (although they could have handled that situation better, as in assigned seating rather than general admission). The opening acts for my night were Example and Rudimental. We missed Example but caught Rudimental and they were great. So much energy and really good sound. Then, it was time for Eddie Spaghetti.


Ed Sheeran concerts are unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. Can you imagine how difficult it must be for him to walk onto a huge stage at a massive stadium and perform BY HIMSELF??? There’s no band, no pre-recorded track. It’s just Ed, his guitar and a looping pedal. A what? A looping pedal is a piece of equipment where Ed can record a sound – be it from his guitar or his voice – and he can arrange it and loop it over another sound to create the sounds that a whole band would typically provide. It’s insane! He takes a minute or two at the start of each song and creates these sounds so that they’re playing while he’s singing, but he also adds stuff once he starts singing. IDK how he doesn’t get confused or mess up. I mean, I know he practices and he’s obviously very musical, but it’s mind blowing that he can produce something that most people do in a studio with a team of people and it’s just him in the moment with a guitar. He gets so invested in each song and genuinely gets lost in the moment. It’s beautiful and it’s art. My favorite thing about his concerts is how he takes a song you know and love from the album and he completely changes them. They’re so much better because they’re in the moment and you don’t know what they’ll sound like, but they hold on to the original enough to where you’re still getting the song you know and love.

My favorite songs were Lego House (no composure, so many tears), Drunk (so much fun), Take It Back (shows how skilled he is as a rapper), Photograph (BRB sobbing my eyes out), Tenerife Sea (ultimate singer/songwriter moment), Kiss Me (he’s ruined all romance for me), Thinking Out Loud (yeah, it was beautiful; we were crying and swaying), A-Team (my brother’s fave song and my intro to Ed), You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (the biggest one he does where he drags it out and totally loses himself in it) and Sing (literally so fun). Okay, that was actually most of the show, but I think that lets you know how obsessed I am. They were all so good and he is so talented. I will never get over his talent and love for what he does.

Had you told me I would every be able to see Ed Sheeran performing at Wembley, I would have laughed in your face because who does that? I actually got so emotional so many times because you could see Ed’s face lighting up and feel how happy/excited he was to be performing at Wembley. I felt like a proud mom! For a singer/songwriter like Ed who spent years performing on the streets of London and was basically homeless for a while, performing at Wembley is a huge deal – three nights of sold out concerts is MASSIVE. It was the greatest experience I’ve ever had as a fan and I will go see Ed perform any time and anywhere because he’s my favorite musician. Speaking of, when’s his next show? I might just try to catch it…


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