I’m Studying Abroad! (again)

Hello! I’m blogging to you for the first time from London! It’s quite exciting and I can’t even begin to count my blessings (and loan money) because it’s crazy to be back. I did study abroad previously for a semester during the fall of 2013 through the same program. That time, I was just a student taking 12 hours (four classes) and traveling quite a bit on the weekends. This summer, I am taking two classes and working 20 hours a week as an intern.

I arrived six days ago on Saturday, 23 May and it’s been pretty non-stop since. I’m trying to beat the jet lag and failing miserably, napping or sleeping in every day. Monday was a Bank Holiday, so most people had the day off and we didn’t start anything internship/school-related until Tuesday. That first weekend was all about sightseeing and getting to know our peers and the city. It’s a bit strange for me as I already know London pretty well, but I’m still amazed by the same sights and am also seeing things I didn’t have a chance to see before.

I’ve noticed loads of differences already, namely the fact that I met most of my friends the first night I was here in 2013 and this time I have one real friend and a few people who could become good friends. There’s also a different vibe about the group. Our program has two internships that run either nine or 12 weeks, a Globe Theatre session, and a three or six-week session. You can tell who’s only here a few weeks by how loud and comfortable they seem to be as well as their YOLO attitude. People were definitely not going out every night the first week last time I was here. I get it – you want to experience all that London has to offer but every night guys?? Oh, to be young(er).

The city itself is so welcoming and while parts of it have changed/are changing, the important things are still the same. London has so much to offer and it’s definitely the most interesting city I’ve ever visited. I’m excited to finally share the city with Cristina when she comes to visit later this summer! It’s been a dream of ours (and our cousin Kat who has already been here before/will be back later next month) to travel Europe together so it will be amazing. I’m going to do a series of posts about study abroad, beginning with packing next Friday!! If you have any questions PLEASE leave them in the comments! I’ve already done the regular student abroad thing so I know about that and I also have lots of general tips for visiting London. I’ll be learning about the whole intern/work environment of the city as I go along this summer so I’ll keep you posted on that! Xx Sab.


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