Review | Lorac Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette


I had been curious about Lorac ever since the first Pro palette was released and it was buzzed up on every blog and vlog in the biz. I refrained from purchasing because I was going for the Naked palette collection first and then Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette in Dolce Vita caught my eye (and wallet). When the Lorac Pro 2 came out, I did about four months of researching blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, Google and YouTube before deciding I had a lot of shadows similar to the original Lorac Pro so I definitely needed this one. I bought mine for nearly half the price ($23!!!!) because I had a $20 Cash Back coupon at Kohl’s so I picked up the palette two weeks ago and I haven’t even looked at my other eye shadows since.

First thing’s first – the packaging. It’s super slim and slick, resembling the original Urban Decay Naked palette in that it just has a cardboard flap with a mirror, which I actually prefer because it’s quicker to open/close. I think choosing grey was such a smart move because all of the shades really pop against the coolness of it, even the other greys! It’s also really satisfying having 16 small squares evenly placed along two rows, the top one being all mattes and the bottom all shimmers. I also feel like this one has way more variety than the first Lorac Pro because when I look at that one, it is very white/nude and brown. This one has pinks, greys and browns but also throws in a plum, navy and mossy green.

Everyone raves about how buttery the shadows are and they ain’t lying. I didn’t even know what buttery eyeshadows meant until I dipped my brush into Nectar for the first time and got more product than I knew how to handle. Yes, a lot of product gets kicked up if you are heavy-handed and yes, there’s a learning curve, but after a few plays with the palette, you’ll see that you literally need like, half a dip to complete an eye, no matter what you’re doing or which shade you’re using. The shadows are all so pigmented and transfer to the lid exactly as they appear in the pan, which is AMAZING. I will say Buff is definitely a shadow that kind of just evens out the eyelid rather than adds anything to it, but it’s great with Lt. Brown for my current fave natural eye look. I’ve tried about half of the shadows, but I can genuinely see myself using all of the shades. My favorites are Nectar, Rosé, Mocha and Cocoa, but that’s not to say I haven’t loved every one I’ve tried. I really like how neutral this palette can be, but it can also incorporate pops of color or a full on smokey eye. The shadows are so easy to blend and it’s quite fun to experiment with different looks.

The only real downside to the Lorac Pro 2 is the eye lid primer it comes with. I feel like it actually makes my shadows melt off because after a few hours, they’ve all creased and blended together in a very weird way. When I wore the shadows alone or with my L’Oreal De-Crease eyeshadow primer, they lasted so much longer. I’m wondering if maybe I have to leave the primer on longer to let it settle before applying the shadow, but that’s annoying because who actually has time for that?

Are you eyeing up any of the Lorac Pro palettes? Do you already own it? Is using the word “buttery” to describe an eyeshadow something that needs rethinking?? Let me know below! Xx S.


5 thoughts on “Review | Lorac Pro 2 Eyeshadow Palette

  1. sarragratton says:

    IDK if you have the lorac 1 pro palette but you should consider doing a comparison review!! also yes they do need to re-think the term buttery LOL check out my blog please!!

    • interestina says:

      First of all, great blog! Can’t wait to see more of it!
      Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t have the first at the moment because I have a lot of similar shades in other palettes so I can’t really justify buying it right now. Maybe one day!

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