Review | Victoria, Victoria Beckham x Nails inc, VVB in Bamboo White

You know when you see someone wearing a nail polish and you fall in love and immediately need to find the polish and slap it on your own nails? That’s what happened with this gem and of course it was Essie Button’s fault for posting this nail polish to her Instagram.

Victoria Beckham – ACTUAL POSH SPICE – collaborated with Nails inc. and released two shades of nail polish – Judo Red (more orange than red) and Bamboo White (an off-white on the baby pink side). I went for Bamboo White because I’m having a nude polish moment and I’ve been wanting a baby pink for my collection, plus I find it to be the most wearable of the two.

We’ll start with my fave – the packaging. It’s everything you could ever want out of a VB product. It comes in this beautiful white box, so it feels like you’re getting yourself a proper persent. However beautiful the box is, I feel like it’s also such a waste of product because there is so much box for such a small item. I think VB should have made the box smaller and hey, sometimes small can be chic too. The bottles themselves are sleek and chic, donning the classic all-black or all-white Victoria is known for, with clear sides to display the shade and show how much you’ve been using. VB is also using her stunning font on the bottle against a matte background. The bottle is rectangular and the lid comes off to reveal more of a classic twist-off lid. The brush is probably my favorite part of the packaging in that it is large enough to get my entire nail done in as few strokes as possible and thick enough to disperse the right amount of product.

Cristina used the polish before me and didn’t apply a topcoat, but it managed to last about five days without any major chipping and most importantly, IT LOOKED GREAT. I genuinely couldn’t stop staring at her nails. I had high expectations and they’ve pretty much been met. Like any white nail polish, it applied quite sheer and was perfect for me in three coats. I tried doing two, but it didn’t work for me as I was afraid of it being too thick.

This shade looks stunning and if you’re into neutrals/whites/pastels for spring and summer, this is one to look out for, but it isn’t cheap. For $25, I think it’s worth it because let’s be honest, this is the only thing I’ll ever be able to afford that dons the iconic Victoria Beckham logo. PLUS I get to re-live my childhood #spiceupyourlife #girlpower Xx S.


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