#ManiMonday | Festive Nails #4

Hello again, it’s C with another #ManiMonday!
Hope you all are having a happy holiday! For the week of Christmas I decided to go all out and do a personal favorite festive nail. I did this a few years ago because I saw Lauren Conrad post a Christmas light nail tutorial and I thought that looks fab!! However her tutorial involves thread, which I wasn’t interested in using because it would be a disaster. I decided to just use Sharpie to draw the line and then because I was missing a good green polish for the green lights, I decided on using more sharpies to complete the look! Thus the easy Cristina method was created!

What I used:
+ Rimmel Clear Nail Polish
+ Sharpie: Black, Green and Red

This time around I wanted to add a little twist because 1. I wanted to use my new Ciatè nail polish 2. I wanted to be creative and make it look like the lights got tangled up.

I started off by painting my nails with 3-4 coats of the White nail polish, so that it was completely white and there was no sign of the nail (don’t worry I clean up the edges).

I got too excited and didn’t let them fully dry, which you definitely should (or your nails will end up looking like my thumb! #fail). Then I got my black sharpie and drew random squiggles on my nails and I tried to make them look as if they were connected from one nail to the next. For my right hand I basically forced my dear and loving mother to draw the lines for me because I tried and it wasn’t pretty. Once I finished I started drawing the lights with my Green and Red Sharpie. I made sure to alternate the colors and the side they were on. After I let them sit and dry a bit, I applied two coats of clear nail polish.  If you don’t apply a top coat the sharpie will come off! Along with all of that I was applying 5 billion layers of my Ciatè glitter polish to my ring finger and omg it smells like peppermint! You can skip this part if you don’t care for accent nails like Sabrina.

This is a great look that will get you all of the compliments, I got quite a few at work today! Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

– C