#ManiMonday | Festive Nails #3

Sorry for the post being so late! I got called into work early and was then asked to be kept on call – not complaining though because #cashmonies and I glove my job!
Okay, nail time!
So today’s post is written by me, Cristina, instead of Sabrina because I just got the Ciatè Candy Cane House from my work Secret Santa. Obviously I HAD to paint my nails with one of the four beautiful and SCENTED glitter polishes right away!
I was checking out swatches on Google and not many people have tried these puppies out, so I just Googled some Christmas glitter polish ideas and a similar look came up (that look also had specks of red glitter). Shortly after I looked down at my PJ pants and I saw that they had a similar color scheme! Thus the idea was a-go!

I first painted my nails with two coats of Orly Frisky, a sky blue shade.
Next I applied just one coat of Ciatè Snow Fall, the most gorgeous white glitter.
It was magical! Usually glitter polishes are stingy with the amount of glitter they disperse, but this one wowed me. It gave just the right amount and dried rather quickly. Once the glitter dried, I started to smell the “Snow Fall” scent, which smells clean. I wouldn’t say it smells like cotton, it’s more nice and fresh…just go find it and give it a whiff!
This would also look fab with a white or silver base to create a nice snowy scene on your nails, especially if you are dreaming of snow #texasprobs.
Hope I have inspired you all to make this one of your holiday nail looks this year. Until next time friends!
– C
My favorite picture
Here is a side by side comparison of the polishes with flash and without flash