#ManiMonday | Festive Nails #1

Having been buried by schoolwork and as a result, a bad blogger, December will see two posts a week! The first will be every Monday and will serve as some easy nail inspo for the holidays. The second post will come every Friday and will be more of the usual posts found on the blog (get excited for an autumn/winter lip product party the first Friday of the month). *WARNING: Cheesy photos ahead*

For the first look, I wanted to keep it quite simple, but also flashy. One of my favorite things to do is add a gold glitter polish over literally any shade. It’s the easiest way to breathe new life into a boring shade or one that you love and want to love even more. You can get away with gobs of gold during the holidays, so I say the more the merrier! Sometimes I go for one layer, but I have been known to get pretty gold glitter cray.

Along with gold glitter, nothing says its the holidays more than an oxblood shade, whether it’s on your scarf, lips or plastered all over your house, a deep red shade is always a classic. I’ve paired two coats of Pacifica’s nail polish in Red Red Wine with one-two coats of Deborah Lippmann’s Boom Boom Pow. The more layers of Red Red Wine, the deeper the color, so three could have made it a much darker red, but I liked the look of this. Another good option is Revlon’s Vixen, however the last time I tried mine, it was really bubbly so I might need to repurchase, but I have my eyes on Nail’s Inc Kensington Gardens (more for the memories the name brings than the shade itself).

Well there you have it, a beautiful take on holiday nails that’s festive without being too obvious. Let me know if you love it and come back to the blog Friday for another red-themed post on lip products and next Monday for the second #ManiMonday festive post.


– S