Beauty blogging is a special thing because within the community, one person’s rave of a product makes its way around the blogosphere and before you know it, a hyped-up product has been born and everyone wants to get their hands on it. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as “copying” within the beauty blogger world, despite that so many of my fave beauty gals use the same products. The repitition serves as a sign that the product is phenom and I HAVE to have it (usually). As I see so many of the same products put to use and raved about, I always feel confident about my purchases and rarely ever buy something without researching blogs and watching YouTube videos to form an opinion of the product. My go-to-gal for all things beauty is the one and only Estée (or EssieButton). Estée and I have a similar taste, and most of the time I love everything she’s raved about and I’ve tried. Below is a round up of my #essiebuttonmademedoit purchases, each with a mini review. It took everything in my power to not adopt a greyhound and include him in the post, but I can’t make any promises for the future. Also, this is a long one but you get so many products reviewed!

This is my most recent purchase despite the fact that it’s an old Essie B fave. When Estée uploaded her August beauty faves, I could not stop staring at her cheekbones! They were golden and shimmery and basically looked like the gods were bouncing rays of sunbeams off her face (they totally were). It was all so mesmerizing and when she said she was wearing the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter, I knew right then and there I had to buy it. I immediately applied it to my face and fell in love. It brightens and illuminates for miles! Absolutely infatuated. P.S. I wore it to the One Direction concert in my hometown this past weekend and even though it was dark, the boys definitely noticed…heh…heh.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15
This one’s a bit of a coin toss. I will do an in-depth review once I’ve finished it all up, but for now I’ll say some days I wonder why I spent so much money on this foundation and others I’m astounded by how lovely my skin looks. I hate when foundations say they are full coverage and are actually sheer-full, meaning they’re buildable. I obviously purchased it because I wanted the full coverage from the get-go, so that’s really irksome. I’ve had about 50% good results and 50% bad results with this foundation so far. It might be user error, but I’m not totally sure yet.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
I never knew I could love an eyeshadow palette so much. Perhaps its in the simplicity, but UD have really amazed me with this one. I also own the Naked 3 and while I love it and use it nearly every day, Basics will always have my heart. Venus is the perfect inner corner highlight/champagne shade and I use it nearly every day. W.O.S. is soo lovely all over the lid to give me that nude flush and Foxy works well as a matte brow bone highlight when I’ve gone a bit dramatic on the eye. Naked 2 is a really nice and subtle crease shade that I love wearing on it’s own or mixed with Faint. Sometimes I wear Faint on its own in place of Naked 2, but the crease is usually reserved for N2. Crave is the least used shade because it is a matte black, however I will use it for the occasional black smokey eye or wet as a soft eyeliner alternative. Basically, this is the best palette for me because it allows me to have fun with my cheeks and lips. You better believe I’m getting my hands on the Naked Basics 2.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush
I have Tanya Burr and Estée to credit for this one as I initially used it to apply foundation and when I got my Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation, the two weren’t making a good pair so rather than leave it unused, I went the Essie B route and decided to repurpose it so now it works exclusively with my How ‘Bout Them Apples Lip and Cheek Cream palette. This brush picks up the perfect amount of product and distributes it evenly.

NUXE Reve de Miel
Can’t say enough about how magical this is and how horrible it is when you leave it behind on vacay or fall asleep before applying. Full review here.

Revlon Strawberry Suede
Estee had this in one of her faves vid over a year ago and she wore it so well. It really looked like strawberries on her lips, so I scoured Amazon for it (this shade is discontinued). From first application, I absolutely hated it. As a fan of matte lipsticks, I was shocked to see how difficult it was to apply and how dry my lips appeared. However, it really does look great on Estée so idk what magic she is working there.

Revlon Tutti Frutti
I love my orange lip products and Tutti Frutti is one of the best. It’s a balm. It’s a lipstick. It’s bright. It’s subtle. It’s everything you could ever want! This is always in my rotation and I truly love it.

Maybelline Color Elixirs
I went Color Elixir CRAY when I saw Estée’s blog post on these puppies. I wasn’t a fan of lip gloss then and the idea of a liquid lipstick sounded like it could convert me and convert it did as I wound up buying a whomping five shades! I couldn’t stop! See which shades I own and how I feel about them in major detail here (SPOILER! There’s a cheeky little MAC dupe in there).

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser and Dark Circle Treatment Concealer
Another disappointment for me, which is upsetting as I’m on the hunt for the perfect undereye concealer. I don’t know if it is reversing the aging process as I’m only 22, but the dark circles are not being treated. The applicator sponge really grosses me out and it dispenses waaaaay too much product. It also creases like crazy and wears off quickly. Deffo won’t be repurchasing.

Maybelline Colour Tattoos in Bad to the Bronze and Tough As Taupe
These are raved about by everybody for a reason. Bad to the Bronze is a beautiful bronze colour and my fave of the two that works nicely on its own or under another eyeshadow, especially a shimmery or bronze colour. Tough as Taupe works well with the four darker shades in my Naked 3 Palette and is nice alone for when I want a quick darker eye with a sweep of mascara. These are basically just fast and easy to work with alone or with other shadows.

Maybelline the Rocket mascara
I didn’t love this at first because I was used to matte mascaras (does that make sense?). The Rocket gives my eyelashes a very wet look (glossy), so I sometimes felt like it was drawing too much attention to my lashes but as time went on, I worked with it and got used to it and now that I’m using my free Calvin Klein mascara from Ulta, I’m desperately missing the Rocket and need it back in my life ASAP.

Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Alloy
These eyeshadows are seriously so beautiful and glossy and the colours are so unique! However, I can’t really justify the price tag. I often wear Alloy on its own and while it looks great, it is a bit hard to apply for a more opaque look, which requires a lot of product. It applies pretty sheer and gets more sheer as the day goes on, so that’s annoying. I also use this shadow under some from my Naked 3 Palette and that’s when it’s at its best but when I already have a great eyeshadow primer or the Maybelline Colour Tattoos at drugstore prices, I expect this to work really well as a stand-alone shadow and stay put for a long amount of time.

MAC Plumful
Are you tired of hearing me rave about this yet? Then that should let you know how much I love this lipstick because it is literally so flattering (full review here).

Whew! That was a long one (and I blame you, Essie B!) let me know if you have any of these products, what you think about them and whether or not you’ve fallen prey to the #essiebuttoneffect!


– S


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