Birthday brunch | Mother turns 50!

Last Sunday my family celebrated my mother’s 50th birthday by having brunch at the Double Eagle in Mesilla, NM. The Double Eagle is a hotel converted into a restaurant, rumoured to be haunted. As one who is easily terrified, I would normally stay away from this restaurant, however the food is sooOoo good and it’s a really fun place to visit with family or friends.

Dining room
Dining room
Buffet room

On Sundays, the Double Eagle hosts two champagne brunches, one at 11 a.m. and the other at 1:30 p.m. At $26.97 a person, the price may seem steep but it includes a buffet and an assortment of beverages (bottomless mimosas? YES!), which would probably total one plate and one drink at most brunch spots. The buffet area is separate from the dining rooms, one of which is bright and colorful, decorated with plants, while the other is darker and more upscale. The darker room has lovely chandeliers, portraits and lavish curtains, giving the room an appearance similar to a French opera. The buffet room has an omelet section, where a chef prepares your omelet your way as well as a common breakfast area with French toast, cream cheese-stuffed crepes, waffles, potatoes, bacon and the like. The other half of the room hosts meals more suited for lunchtime with Chicken Alfredo, salmon and roasts. The best part of this room is of course the dessert table adorned with chocolate fountain. My mother and I threw caution to the wind and split a lemon square, strawberry cheesecake square and a brownie (calories don’t count on birthdays, after all).

All of the food and drinks were magnificent! My mouth is watering at the thought and I can hear my wallet begging me not to give into the temptation of going again this weekend. Sadly, no one at our table tried the lunch, but it looked/smelled delicious. Every Sunday, people line up outside the Double Eagle waiting to grab a table, so reservations are a must.
Mesilla is a small town in New Mexico that mostly consists of a square known for its shops, restaurants and church. It is a really popular tourist area, where people come to interact with visitors from El Paso or Las Cruces, both of which are very close.
Basilica of San Albino
Jewelry selection from vendors along the square
Gazebo in town square

It probably wouldn’t take more than half a day to get through all the small town of Mesilla has to offer, but if you’re in the mood to peruse traditional New Mexican relics, sift through beautiful handmade jewelry, try some truly amazing food (anything Mexican or with green chili seems to be a massive hit) or splurge on some fudge, Mesilla is the perfect way to spend a Sunday, especially for a birthday. Happy birthday, mother!Cheers!

– S