Cristina’s Top 5 Summer Nail Polish Picks

From L to R: Fresh Paint in Lollipop Hammer, Essie in Bikini So Teeny, Sally Hansen Sheer Ecstasy, Fresh Pain in Guava, Sephora Caffeine Fix and OPI Follow Me on Glitter.

My personal love is nail polish! If I could own all of the nail polishes in the world my life would be complete but sadly I can’t own them all…yet. With summer in full swing, I finally decided which colors were my favorite for this season. Some colors were hands down perfect for summer and others I really had to think whether or not they were good enough. After rambling on, here are my top 5 summer nail polish picks!

Fresh Paint: Lollipop Hammer

I honestly don’t know why I bought this nail polish looking back at my purchase, but I’m happy I did because this pink is SO amazing. I’m not a pink person, especially on my nails due to the fact that when I was little all I would do was paint my nails pink. Since I overused pink on my nails, I grew bored of the color and wanted to expand my polish collection past pink. Now after having a break from pink, I’m ready to wear it on my nails again. At first I painted my toes with the color and it was love at first coat. This nail polish doesn’t need 2 coats, only if you are OCD like me.  After I finished painting my toes I already knew I wanted to paint my finger nails this color too, which I NEVER do because I like diversity and not matchy matchy nails. The shade is a fun color that you can wear all summer long if you desire!

Fresh Paint: Guava

When I saw this at 5 Below I immediately knew I wanted it. Then when I got home, I saw I had another kind of similar color, so I decided to ignore it. Then a month later I finally decided to put it on because I had not used any of my 5 Below nail polishes and I felt bad. The first and second coat were kinda streaky. In retrospect, maybe if I would have let the first coat dry, the second wouldn’t have been as streaky…I get impatient when painting my nails. Once they dried I fell in love and realized it was a different shade from my other peachy pink color. I realized this color made my pale winter skin appear more tan which was a big plus for me. When I wore this color a lot of people would complement my nails, even at the end when I started to chip them off. Then one day a girl from one of my classes, also a fellow nail polish lover, saw my nails and demanded to know where I got it from. I told her where the polish was from and sure enough next week she was wearing the color. This polish is definitely a great color for summer and is definitely on trend!

Essie: Bikini So Teeny

I first saw this nail polish on Zoe (aka Zoella – watch her vid where she’s wearing/discussing the polish here – name is different in the UK btw) and she raved on about how much she loved this color. I decided to wait on it because I had bought 3 light blues for my collection (I was looking for one that matched my prom dress) so I refrained myself from buying yet another light blue. Finally after about a year, I gave in after realizing I needed it. I’m so glad that I finally went for it because it is beautiful! It does look like it has a slight shimmer to it in the bottle that I never noticed before, however it doesn’t show up on your nails, unless you really look for it. I could go on and on about this color but I’ll stop and just say one more thing, I will definitely be wearing this all summer long!

Sally Hansen: Sheer Ecstasy

I know I already had this color in my top 5 winter polish picks post, but I honestly can’t stop with this color. It’s just such a classic and great for any season. I enjoy putting it on both my toes and fingers because it makes me feel tan and looks great. I will definitely need to get another bottle because I can’t stop and won’t stop. Since I did already go on a rant about how much I love this color on a previous blog go check it out here!

Sephora: Caffeine Fix

I love a good dark red/purple on my nails. If I could only have one color on my nails for the rest of my life I would choose this shade. I was craving a dark color for summer and I remembered this color from the winter. Sure enough it was perfect for my dark nail polish craving. A tiny disclaimer – you do have to apply 2-3 coats to get the perfect color, other than that you are golden! If you are the type of person to rebel against typical bright summer nail colors, go give this nail polish a swatch!

Nicole by OPI: Follow Me On Glitter:

OOOOPPPPS!!! Sorry not sorry for an accidental sixth nail polish!
If you are an accent nail type of girl this is the nail polish for you! It honestly goes with any color and it makes you nails look so fancy…but you already [knew that] #IggyReference.
Also, if you don’t understand or like the accent nail (like Sabrina), this color is a great all over the hand color. It makes your nails pop without being too crazy. This nail polish is honestly my favorite glitter nail polish so if you stumble onto it, then give it a swatch and fall in love!

I hope you found some great colors to try out this summer! If you have any nail polish suggestions for me I would love to hear about them! Hope you all are having a great summer!

– C