Obessions | MAC Plumful

Shakespeare once said, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.” Now, I’m 1,000% sure he was musing about lipstick and not just any lipstick the lipstick – MAC’s Plumful. Okay, he was probs actually just proclaiming his love to a person, but why can’t that love be transferred to the most perfect lipstick of all time? After hearing Estée from EssieButton talk about it for so long on her YouTube channel and mention it in her blog, I decided to treat myself and finally bought it on my 22nd birthday a month ago. Like the beauty product addict I am, I applied it the second I got in my car and was so shocked by how different and darker it appeared away from the MAC lighting! Boy was it stunning!
As you can tell by looking at the lipstick and from its name, Plumful is a plum-based color that is more mauve and natural, not so dark and vampy. It has that pink undertone to it that really sets it apart from most plums, but it’s so subtle that it doesn’t belong in the pink family. If you read our previous top 5 lippies for spring post, you will know I don’t wear true nudes as they don’t look good on me. Instead, I prefer the “my lips but better” look so that my lips still appear natural, but have that little oomph. I love Plumful because it is a definitely my kind of natural, but it still gives me the color I crave.

The formula is also the best I’ve experienced with a MAC lipstick. Plumful is of the lustre range from MAC, which freaked me out because I thought it meant it had shimmer, which I think it does have, but it makes it appear glossy rather than glittery (if that makes sense). Also, this is the first time I haven’t had to apply a lip balm before applying a MAC lipstick. I love how this lasts quite a while, even through eating and drinking for the most part. I wear it every time I work because it doesn’t fade awkwardly, perhaps because it is a more natural color. I’m not sure if it’s the lustre formula that is so easy to wear, or if it’s just this shade in particular, but believe I will be trying some more lustres in the future! I mean, this has seriously fueled my desire to grow my MAC lipstick collection because aside from the few lipsticks I own, I never saw what the big deal was before.

Plumful in the daylight after a couple hours of wear.

Since purchasing Plumful, I’ve worn it nearly every day and it hasn’t left my handbag, which says a lot as I change my lip products out daily. When my mother saw it on me, she tried it on instantly and loved it! Pleasing my mother with lippie shades is difficult to do as she discards anything that has the slightest bit of brightness or pink hue to it. It does look lighter on her than it does on me, but her lips are naturally lighter than mine. I bought this for her as a gift for Mother’s Day and she also hasn’t gone a day without it, which I think says a lot about how versatile it is. Plumful is probably the most flattering lippie shade I’ve ever seen; nobody ever looks bad in it! Plumful applies sheer, yet it’s quite builadble, so if you want to be super subtle, you can do that but if you want to get all the color you can from it, that’s also doable. I feel so put together and like such an adult when wearing Plumful. It offers so much and I am pleased. I’m sure I’ll definitely be making another purchase of this lipstick before school starts up again in the fall. If you have one lipstick in your collection, it should be Plumful. It’s my absolute favorite – and since I’m a lip product hoarder, that’s saying a lot!


– S