DIY L’Oreal Paris Preference Ombré Touch Review

After watching a couple videos on the L’Oreal range of at-home ombré kits, Cristina decided to take the plunge and dye her hair! She didn’t want to damage her roots and dye all of her hair because she wanted to retain as much of her natural color as possible, so she opted for an ombré look. To the left is a photo of Cristina right before she was going to dye her hair. Her natural hair color is a very dark brown.

Using the L’Oreal Paris Preference Ombré Touch in light blonde to light brown, C prepped all of the products and began to apply the dye by covering the small brush that came in the box with the dye and combed it through her hair in small sections. The brush fits on your pointer finger, so it can only handle small sections. Cristina said it wasn’t the best method of application because the brush was so small and because it took a long time to apply. By the end of it, her hair didn’t have a lot of dye in it, so her hair was only slightly colored. C’s hair had subtle highlights along the bottom rather than the ombré affect she was going for. week later, C dyed her hair using the Garnier Ntrisse Level 3 Permanent Creme Haircolor in Extra-Light Ash Blonde 111 (White Chocolate). This time she just applied the dye directly to her hair, not worrying about the bits of hair above the ombréd section as they would not be colored with this new dye. After rinsing out the ash blonde color, C’s hair is noticeably lighter on the bottom and nowhere near as brassy as my hair (blog post on my DIY L’Oreal Paris ombré experience here). C also has some plans to further lighten her hair, so look out for an updated post from each of us! Below is a video of Cristina using the L’Oreal Ombré Touch and discussing her experience in further detail!