Cristina’s top five nail polishes for winter

From left to right: NYC Color in the Park Ave, Essie in Skirting the Issue, Sally Hansen in Sheer Ecstasy, OPI in Vant to Bite My Neck and Urban Outfitters in Blue Velvet

During the winter, actually every season, I enjoy wearing darker colors on my nails with the occasional appearance by a lighter shade. When I paint my nails I don’t think of the outfits I will wear with the polish, I just think, “I really like this color so I’ll wear it this week”. With that in mind, every polish I apply becomes a neutral shade to me. 

Park Ave

When you see it from afar, it looks like a normal grey nail polish but when you take a closer look it has a purple hue to it. The nail polish itself does not need multiple coats to get the color the bottle advertises. However, I do like to apply two coats just out of habit and to ensure it won’t chip as fast. Park Ave goes great with colored shirts especially purple because it brings out the purple in the polish. 

Skirting The Issue

The colors this shade offers are a dark red or burgundy color, depending on the application. With two coats, the nail polish gives that noticeably dark red shade and with four or more coats, you get the deep bottle color. Though it is a lot more work to get the desired bottle color, it is well worth it because the end result gives that typical dark winter shade I crave when it’s cold. Skirting The Issue goes well with every color, except red shirts (for some reason, I am not about the my-nails-match-my-outfit look).

Sheer Ecstasy

The main reason I enjoy wearing this white nude during the winter is because it makes my skin look a little bit more tan during my pale skin season. However, getting the promised bottle color is hard work and requires about five or more coats. With fewer coats, you get a transparent color. Sheer Ecstasy goes great with colored shirts, so not white!

Vant To Bite My Neck

The color you see is what you get with this nail polish. I have been looking for the perfect purple with no shimmer and I finally found it! This is another polish where you don’t need two coats, but I apply them anyway. This color works well for an accent color to your outfit or with darker shirts.

Blue Velvet

This may be my favorite color that I had forgotten about until Sabrina told me to make this post. The nail polish is opaque so no need for more than 2 coats to get the powerful blue color. Blue Velvet goes perfectly with black and white clothes, as it really provides a pop that should steal the spotlight. Also it is a color that can be worn to a fancier event as it always receives loads of compliments.

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