Sabrina’s top five nail polishes for winter

From left to right: Butter London in Wallis, Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish by Kate Moss in Reggae Splash, Nicole by OPI in Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi, OPI in You’re Such a Budapest, and American Apparel in Hunter

When it comes to seasonal nail polish trends, I typically don’t adhere to the norms. While most would flock towards the darker shades in the winter, I embrace the brighter colours, opting for something that will catch attention rather than blend in. Although I love a deep plum and a good bottle of oxblood, I tend to gravitate towards these five polishes instead.


This is a true gem within my nail polish collection as it is such a unique colour. I bought it in a pack of three and originally, it was my least favourite because I thought it was a gross shade of green that would never work with anything. However, once I applied it to my nail, my opinion was instantly altered and I became obsessed with it. It’s more gold than green when it catches the light, but the shimmer reflects hues of both colours while also adding black. I love this polish because it does go really well with my winter wardrobe, which is predominately black. It is also completely easy to wear and even goes so far as to give the illusion that you have blended different polishes together to achieve the look. This is definitely one polish that looks far better on the nail compared to in the bottle.

Reggae Splash

Kate Moss’s dive into a nail polish line has provided me with the perfect and lovely peachy shade. I use this in place of neutral polishes because it is still pale and nude, but it has that defined peach tone to give it an extra edge. To enhance the colour, just add more coats, however its base will always make this a shade subtle enough to wear as an everyday neutral.

Kourt is Red-y For a Pedi 

This is my absolute favourite bright red polish, which makes it the best for the winter months. Not only will it be a hit for Christmas, but it will also take you all the way to Valentine’s Day if you’re really into sticking with holiday colours. It’s such a classic cherry red and it makes me so happy every time I see it. It looks particularly lovely with all my dark clothing and against white snow. Every time I see red polish I get the urge to put this shade on and it never disappoints! Definitely the best bright colour option for the season.

You’re Such a Budapest 

Aside from the clever name, its colour has weasled its way into my top five fave polishes of all time. This lavendar is right on trend because it is a pastel while also being quite bright. This shade is such a nice departure from your standard neutrals and darker shades that you see in the winter time because it is usually reserved for the spring. You’re Such a Budapest goes well with literally anything, so it’s absolutely acceptable to bring out to play during any season.


The name says it all and what a dream this is on the nails. I have been having a moment with hunter green lately, so much so that my main winter coat is in this shade. In some lighting, the darker tones overwhelm the green, disguising its colours but in the light, you can easily tell that it has a green base. This is a darker colour that I have loved the past two years, favouring it mostly during the autumn and winter months. Despite it being on the dark side, it is different from the typical reds, blacks and plums popular around this time of year.

Cheers! Xx

– S