Snow much fun

When you spend the winter holidays in a Texan desert, the craving for snow can get pretty strong. This past winter break, my cousins and I were itching to get out of the city for the day to do something new and fun. Usually, we spend the holidays lounging around at somebody’s house, playing every board game in sight and eating way too much. We initially wanted to make the journey to Ruidoso, NM and stay at a cabin for a couple of days, but our limited time together and late start to planning meant finding a free cabin during the dates that worked for us was not possible. So, we decided it would be cheaper and quicker to drive to Cloudcroft, less than an hour outside of Ruidoso.

We left for Cloudcroft at around 10 on a Saturday morning, loading the car with snacks, warm weather accessories and good music. Cloudcroft makes it really easy to rent supplies for sledding, tubing or boarding in the snow, all at a good price. Since there were only seven of us, we decided to rent three tubes, one in a smaller size for the kids. After getting our rides sorted, we made the six mile drive to the slope but found it was too crowded to find parking. When we tried to turn back to find a spot to park, we wound up getting stuck in the snow. Eli and Steven tried to get us out for about an hour with Eli changing gears to rock the car out of the snow. It was a scary and frustrating hour, but we made it.

Once we got out, we drove back to the slope and started climbing up and sliding down. Although exhausting, we enjoyed the challenge and laughed at each other attempting to maintain balance. The day came to an end when the kids could no longer handle the cold caused by the snow and started crying and begging for warmth. We tried to wrap them up in extra coats and remind them that for us, snow is rare and therefore fun, but their minds were made up. Half of us went back to the car with the kids and distracted them with food. The other half took a few more turns on the mountain before returning. The drive down the mountain was beautiful as the pine trees were covered in snow and the sun was setting. It was great getting out of the city for a day and exploring our surroundings. Cloudcroft was the perfect place to go to because of its closeness and how inexpensive it was to satisfy our need for snow. This may be a new holiday tradition for our family!

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Cousin Snow Tubing Adventure

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– S