New year, new nails

Gold glitter, and lots of it, the phrase that defines New Year’s Eve in my book is one that translates easily to my wardrobe and accessories. For the end of 2013, nothing felt more appropriate than a mani doused in gold glitter. 
For the base, I chose OPI for Sephora’s What’s a Tire, Jack, but any glossy black polish will do. I painted three coats to get the perfect coverage and texture I wanted. After it fully dried, I added the gold, a polish I bought for 20p at Claire’s in London (have not seen it in the States, but any fine glitter polish will yield similar results).

To achieve the gradient effect, I started off by painting the tips with the glitter polish, in the same way you would for a French mani. Although my nails are quite short, it was still possible to do this as it will eventually blend in with the rest of the gradient. Then, while the polish was still fresh, I lightly dipped the brush back into the bottle (gathering product from around the rim) and brought it back to the nail where the black and gold met. Here, I dragged the glitter down until the amount of glitter lessened as it approached the middle of my nails. I worked on one nail at a time to ensure the glitter would not settle. After leaving my nails to dry for 15 minutes, I applied a top coat, which also helped to blend the glitter and black polish.

I chose this look because after going to London, 70% of my wardrobe is now black, and my outfit last night was black with a bit of white. The cocktail ring I wanted to wear was black and gold, so I used it as an inspiration for the mani. And again, gold is THE ultimate colour for glitter, so both polishes really complimented each other. The gradient helps make this look wearable throughout the year, whether for a formal event or a day at the beach, it transitions seamlessly through seasons and occasions. Plus, it looks like you spent more time and effort on it than you actually did, and who doesn’t love that??

Cheers! Xx
– S.