Before we begin: Yes, I’m okay. No, I don’t need to talk. Please, just let me rant. Thanks to my two concerned and lovely readers. I appreciate it, but I also just really need to write this for myself.

Last week I came across an Instagram post that I believe comes from @nayyirah.waheed‘s page. It reads: all the women. in me. are tired.

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I did 28 Pure Barre classes in 28 days and didn’t die

If you’ve ever taken a barre class, you’ll know it sure isn’t easy. Pure Barre is a low-impact full body workout made up of a series of small repetitive moves that cause muscles to shake (weird, but it’s what you actually want to happen). It’s a fusion of traditional ballet, Pilates and yoga that utilises 2 or 3-pound weights, a small ball, exercise bands and a mounted barre. It’s unlike any workout I’ve ever done, and the results have been immediate for me and everyone I’ve dragged to class. Because my schedule was pretty open, I decided to really get into my fitness during the month of February. I set myself the challenge of attending 28 classes in 28 days and while I had to double up a few times, I managed to achieve my goal.


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2017 Favourites

It’s been A WHOLE YEAR since my last favourites post, partly because I was uninspired to write anything, and partly because I just didn’t have many new faves to report. That’s right folks! Gone are the days of spending all my $$ and ££ on beauty products – sort of. 2017 seemed to be a year of reigning it in and spending money on old faves and things I genuinely felt would add to my makeup collection. I did a lot of clearing out, like, A LOT, so my collection is probably the smallest it’s been in four years, but I’m really happy with everything I’ve kept (and the sooner I finish a few things, the sooner I can place an order on Glossier).


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