Day 42

I was at jury duty earlier today. I came home afterwards and napped for six hours. Before I shut my eyes, I thought about how exhausted I was.

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2017 Favourites

It’s been A WHOLE YEAR since my last favourites post, partly because I was uninspired to write anything, and partly because I just didn’t have many new faves to report. That’s right folks! Gone are the days of spending all my $$ and ££ on beauty products – sort of. 2017 seemed to be a year of reigning it in and spending money on old faves and things I genuinely felt would add to my makeup collection. I did a lot of clearing out, like, A LOT, so my collection is probably the smallest it’s been in four years, but I’m really happy with everything I’ve kept (and the sooner I finish a few things, the sooner I can place an order on Glossier).


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Returning to routine


I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions because I’m a firm believer that you can start and end anything at any time. The start of a new year is convenient for a lot of people because it follows the lackadaisical holiday break that precedes it. It’s easy to fall off the health and fitness wagon when surrounded by tamales, mince pies and one warm alcoholic drink after another, which is what makes the start of January ideal for those returning to work and school to ease back into a routine that will undo the indulgence.

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Meeting Daniel Radcliffe at the Old Vic


HELLO last night I met Daniel Radcliffe after queuing for an hour and wow there are no words (jk, this post is 1300 words long, but you get the point). I wanted to write this post for two reasons: 1. To always remember the moment and 2. For anyone who has the opportunity to meet Daniel to SEIZE IT because it’s super easy and also he’s the greatest person alive to take time out of his life for his fans.

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